Are You Taking Advantage of the Capabilities of HubDB?

Maintaining a website can be time-consuming, especially if you have a larger site. Yet, it doesn’t have to be so much of a hassle thanks to HubDB. What’s that? And what HubDB capabilities can you put to use to maintain and even improve your business website?

An Introduction to HubDB

HubDB is like Google Sheets on steroids. It’s a powerful database that makes it possible to store and easily update any information that needs to be displayed on your website.

Rather than being independent of one another, HubDB databases are relational. In other words, you can define relationships between data common to each of your tables. In turn, this makes it easy to create and automatically populate new tables with existing data. Or even to define new ways to display information on your website.

What does this mean in the context of a real website, though? How could you use it and what are the benefits?

3 HubDB Use Cases You Might Try

To get a better understanding of what HubDB is capable of, we’ll explore 3 common use cases. Let’s start with team pages.

Team Pages

Say that you wanted to add team member profile snippets to your team page from which site visitors could navigate to each team member’s full profile.

Your first thought might be to go into the page editor, add each team member snippet to the team page, and then create the individual profile pages. It would work, yes. But the more team members you have, the longer it would take to get done. HubDB provides a faster, more efficient way.

Via HubSpot’s dynamic content feature, you could implement a HubDB database in minutes that would generate all the necessary profile pages and update the team page automatically.

Product Pages

Do you have products and features sections (or even service descriptions) displayed in more than one place on your website? If so, what happens when you need to update those sections? Without HubDB, you have to go to each page, make the necessary updates, and check for consistency with all other mentions of the product or service.

With HubDB, though, you can simply update the information in the relevant table one time and the changes would automatically be reflected sitewide. Not only would this save you time but it would give an added layer of protection against inconsistencies that could confuse potential customers.

Custom Maps

Last but not least, the ability to build custom maps via HubDB has proven to be useful for businesses with physical locations such as offices and stores. How does it work?

Location details are stored in the database. Upon asking for and receiving a website visitor’s current location, the address of the nearest physical location is then displayed in return. Not only does this provide a more personalized experience, but it increases the likelihood that potential customers will engage with you in person and convert.

Enjoy the Benefits of HubDB

Besides the 3 use cases we’ve covered, you can add various other features to your website and maintain them through HubDB. This includes event listings and even searchable directories.

Would you like to add one of the features we mentioned to your site or find out how else you can implement HubDB? Contact our team today!

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