Umair Khokhar
Umair Khokhar

Published: June 11, 2019

HubSpot and Salesforce integration

Integrate HubSpot with Salesforce?

A question that we have often received is “Can HubSpot integrate with Salesforce?” We decided to dedicate a whole article in explaining how to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce using a Salesforce connector. So to answer the basic question, Yes, it is possible to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce.

Below I explain a simple, hassle-free way you can do this. But before I tackle the issue, I offer an intro into Salesforce and HubSpot.

What is HubSpot?

If you are reading this, then you are surely familiar with HubSpot, but for those that have doubts here is a short description of HubSpot. HubSpot is a developer of software products that provide inbound marketing tools and sales tools. The HubSpot tools include social media marketing, content management, web analytics, and search engine optimization or SEO.

What is Salesforce?

You may have heard of Salesforce, but still, here is an explanation of what this company offers to the market. They are developing customer relationship management (CRM) services, enterprise applications on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. Their main product is, of course, Salesforce, which provides an interface for case management and task management, as well as a variety of other useful tools that help a company improve CRM, improve sales and development.

Now that that is out of the way, off to the good part: how to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce with the HubSpot-Salesforce connector and what you get by integrating these two services.

HubSpot-Salesforce integration

Anyone managing a business knows that marketing has a very important role in the development of said business, and HubSpot is playing a major role in this. And anyone dealing with sales knows the whole process and the importance of Salesforce. You see where I’m going with this, right?

If a company is using both HubSpot to manage their marketing and Salesforce to manage their sales, you can imagine the benefits they will gain by joining forces and increasing the effectiveness of both processes.

This is indeed possible and by successfully linking HubSpot and Salesforce, your business gains the benefits of improved business management by bridging the space between marketing and sales. Also, with successful integration, your whole team can follow a lead from the beginning, starting with a simple inquiry up to the very end, locking in the sale.

Before, the integration between these two systems was very complex, but recently it has become very simple. To allow businesses to use all the benefits of both systems, there is a special connector that makes this possible. To use it, simply install the HubSpot-Salesforce integration.

This integration allows the passing of data between these two platforms without any issues, enabling seamless communication between the marketing and sales departments of your company.

Requirements for integrating HubSpot and Salesforce

To be able to use the integration connector feature, you will need to have certain permissions and access, and also sufficient knowledge and experience:

In HubSpot:

  • Admin Access
  • Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise account, or
  • Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise account, or
  • Service Hub Professional or Enterprise account.

In Salesforce:

  • Salesforce professional account
  • Administrator privileges
  • Have HubSpot integration permission set
  • Task type filed to be set on Visible
  • Have a modify Metadata permission

While all of the above can be confusing to you, there are experts dealing with these issues and can help you seamlessly integrate your HubSpot and Salesforce accounts.

Benefits from integrating HubSpot and Salesforce

The synchronization between these two important services brings a lot of benefits for any business. The marketing aspect of a business creates leads – attracting people interested in the product or service the business offers. This is a very important side, as, through proper marketing, people are going to learn about the product/service, with HubSpot being the leading inbound marketing service out there.

The HubSpot platform allows you to create, organize, track, and nurture leads. This means having insight into lead scores and by integrating this platform with the Salesforce platform, the sales team will gain significant insight into the potential clients and will know where to aim their efforts.

The integration between these systems also helps the marketing teams create improved marketing campaigns, targeted campaigns, and improved personalized marketing emails. Before the integration between HubSpot and Salesforce was possible, the marketing team depended on an export list from Salesforce in order to design a campaign, and the sales team depended on an export sheet from HubSpot containing the marketing campaign responses.

The HubSpot-Salesforce integration is bi-directional; meaning any record or note made in one will be visible in the other platform. Every CTA click, form submission, email open and a note from the marketing campaign can help the sales team more easily close a sale and increase revenue.

By the proper integration between these two, your business gets All-in-One software, with inbound marketing segments, sales segments and more features that will facilitate the way the different teams within your company communicate with each other.

What we’ve learned so far

Yes, it is possible to integrate HubSpot and Salesforce. By doing so, your business gains significant improvements, especially the communication between the marketing and sales teams. This is an important aspect in the creation of future campaigns, the creation of specialized campaigns and the tailoring of the sales pitches to the specific leads.

A while back, this was not exactly simple, but seeing the improvements and development made by both platforms, today it is very simple to integrate HubSpot and Salesforce, with the current HubSpot-Salesforce Connector Package v3.0. If you have any uncertainties of whether you should integrate these two systems within the frames of your business, don’t hesitate to ask our team of professionals.

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