Is WordPress free?

As a SaaS CMS, CMS Hub has a monthly recurring cost, while WordPress’ sticker price is “free.” However, there are other costs associated to using WordPress as your CMS provider that you should be aware of as you decide which CMS you want to use.

Software License



HubSpot CMS Hub

CMS Starter $25 /mo CMS Professional, $400 /mo

Hosting / Servers
Professional-level hosting with CDN,
SSL, 99.99% uptime, etc

Variable pricing based on traffic,
bandwidth, and storage.

Predictable flat-rate pricing.


$280 - $1.3K /mo
Average WordPress site has 20-50
plugins. The number above assumes
you’re using the 24 plugins in this article.

75% of the top 100 WordPress plugin
functionality comes out of the box with
more in our app and asset marketplace


Maintenance, updates, and

for all HubSpot supported tools.

Time is money

As plugins are layered in developers can become needed for any
changes & to fix conflicts, slowing
your team down and wasting
valuable time

CMS Hub is built to remove
bottlenecks and empower marketers
get their work done faster and more

Total cost of ownership

$447 - $6842/ Month
$25 - $400 / Month
Ralph Vugts

“(CMS Hub) also frees up a lot of my time to focus on other aspects of our business. I also no longer have to spend time fighting fires on random technical glitches or issues.” - Ralph Vugts, Digital Director at (read the full article)