HubSpot Developer Needed

Note: this is a job posting. Here’s a reference if you are looking to hire a HubSpot developer.

We’re looking for a HubSpot developer extraordinaire to join our team. 

Are you a HubSpot CMS guru? We want to hear from you! Got HubSpot Development Certification? Even better. However, it’s not required--we know a great coder when we see one. Here's how we approach HubSpot web development

We’re looking for solid knowledge of HubSpot’s Markup Language HubL, JavaScript, NodeJS, and CSS. Experience in dynamic server-side language. Ability to build high-performance, reusable UI components in HubSpot CMS.

Familiarity with the HubSpot CMS technology stack, including protocols and website optimization techniques. Also, you should solid understanding of HubSpot local development. Knowledge of serverless technologies is a huge plus!

On top of that, you must have great communication skills. We’re a very close and passionate team. We believe that open and ongoing communication is the only way to provide the best services to our clients.

A strong understanding of security and performance fundamentals is essential. We write secure code. UI/UX best practices are essential as well. We work with mockups and HubSpot marketplace themes. The ability to transform design mockups to HubSpot CMS in a pixel-perfect manner is a must.

You must be a self-starter with excellent project management skills. Ability to work independently and QA your work meticulously.

We recently published a HubSpot Theme on the marketplace, and we’re planning to develop more. This could be one of your first projects!  

So if you got at least 2+ years of HubSpot development experience--send us a note! Please include examples of your work, as well as a description of your approach to technical project management. We’re looking forward to hearing from you:

Our Approach: we wrote an article on how to hire a HubSpot Developer. Title aside, the article contains a lot of insights on how we approach CMS development and our philosophy on coding in general--so check it out before you drop us a note!

Covered in the article:

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