Website Loading Speed Optimization



- Minification of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files to reduce their size
- Removal of unnecessary characters, whitespace, and comments for faster loading


Browser Caching

- Implementation of caching headers to store frequently used resources on the user's browser for a set period, reducing the need for repeated downloads.


Web Fonts Optimization

- Analyzing and condensing the number of different web fonts

- Preloading of important fonts


Image Optimization
- Image compression without losing quality
- Implementation of lazy loading for images


Reduction of Redirects

- We reduce the number of unnecessary redirects, as each redirect can introduce additional latency


JavaScript and CSS Delivery Optimization

- Implementation of asynchronous loading for JavaScript

- Removing inline CSS and JavaScript to reduce HTTP requests

- Leveraging defer technique for loading of non-essential scripts


Reduction of External HTTP Requests

- Using best practices, we limit the number of external resources the website needs to call, which helps reduce latency.



Regular Monitoring and Audits

- We monitor website speed and share recommendations for improvement, as needed.


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