WordPress to HubSpot CMS Migration Process

A brief overview of how we execute WordPress to HubSpot CMS migration projects.


  • We can replicate your existing design, following your brand design guidelines, or create a new custom HubSpot theme based on a Figma mockup.

  • We translate your design into HubSpot CMS in a pixel-perfect fashion.

  • Don’t have a design? Our talented designers will generate a few wireframes and work with you to perfect a beautiful new layout.


  • We prioritize loading speed and security throughout the development process.

  • To ensure seamless communication, we set up a joint Slack channel with your team. Additionally, we use Trello for project management.

  • We built HubSpot websites using interactive drag-and-drop modules. This means your team doesn’t need to have technical knowledge to manage the website.

  • We create a staging environment in HubSpot (included with the CMS license) and share the developed pages for your review and feedback.

Go-live process

  • We collaborate closely with you to ensure a smooth go-live transition.

  • For migration times, we recommend off-hours or weekends for minimal disruption.


  • We can continue to provide your team with ongoing, as-needed HubSpot development support.

  • We offer screen-share team training sessions.

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API Integration

Connect two or more platforms through a custom-built API integration.

Design/Build a Website

Build a website in HubSpot or redesign an existing one.

Website Migration

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