What We Do

API Integrations

Add advanced functionality to HubSpot. Pull and push data from any app or platform with custom API integrations.

Custom Objects

Don’t be limited by the native list of HubSpot CRM objects. Add any custom object important to your business.

HubSpot Apps

Build custom functionality between HubSpot and your eCommerce, inventory, accounting, or any other system.

CRM Extensions

Embed, access and edit external data directly in a contact, company, or deal record with HubSpot CRM Extensions.

Custom Workflows

Trigger a custom workflow action based on a custom HubSpot integration, object, or app.

Our Work


Challenge: A client in the drone industry needed to use HelloSign for contracts with their customers during the onboarding process. HubSpot CRM didn’t support this custom function.

Solution: We used middleware hosted on AWS Lambda, HubSpot API, and HelloSign API for the integration. This allowed the client to trigger custom workflows in HubSpot based on the HellowSign document status.

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Challenge: A healthcare startup using SendGrid for email marketing for advanced email analytics tracking and HubSpot CRM. They had no ability to send automatic emails to new clients added to the CRM.

Solution: We used HubSpot Timeline API, a HubSpot app, and SendGrid API to complete this custom integration. The integration allowed to send out emails using SendGrid as soon as they were added to HubSpot CRM.

New_Logo_Gmail 1

Challenge: A Silicon Valley-based AI company needed to track PDF-format job applications received via Gmail.

Solution: We used Google cloud platform pub/sub, a middleware, and HubSpot API to build this automation that allowed PFD job applications to be parsed and added to HubSpot CRM contact as custom properties.


Challenge: Our client had to manually update their CRM every time they received a phone call from a client/prospect.  They needed to connect their corporate phone number with the CRM.

Solution: We used Twilio and HubSpot using Twilio webhooks, a middleware, and HubSpot API. Now, every time a phone call is received, a new contact record is created, or an existing contact record is updated directly in the CRM.


Challenge: The client wanted to have the ability to accept payment directly from their HubSpot CMS website because of the strict design guidelines. 

Solution: We use Stripe JS SDK to allow the client to accept payments directly on their website.

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Challenge: The client needed to send Squarespace form submission data to HubSpot CRM.

Solution: We developed an integration between the two systems using the HubSpot forms API and AJAX. Every time a contact submits a form in Squarespace, they are added as a contact to the CRM.

Shopify_logo_2018 1

Challenge: We needed to integrate a Shopify store so that every time a new order is received, it is added in HubSpot CRM as well. 

Solution: We used Shopify webhooks with an Ecommerce bridge to complete the integration.

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Challenge: The client needed to send WordPress form submission data to HubSpot CRM.

We developed several WordPress plugins for the integration of WordPress forms with HubSpot forms.

The Process & Pricing

Step 1. A 30-minute Consultation
During the consultation, we perform an initial review of your project scope to understand the required functionality.
Cost: Free

Step 2. Requirement Engineering Stage
During this stage, requirements are reviewed and a feasibility study is performed. The cost and a timeline are also determined. After this stage, a detailed execution plan is created.
Cost: Starting from $600

Step 3. Implementation Stage
After Step 2 is completed and the sign-off on the approach is received, we move to the Implementation Stage.
Cost: The cost is determined in Step 2 with a minimum project engagement of $4,000.

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