Where and how to hire a HubSpot developer?

How to hire a HubSpot Developer

Covered in this article:

  1. What sets HubSpot developers apart from other coders
  2. Where to go when you need to find HubSpot developers
  3. What questions to ask when interviewing a HubSpot developer
  4. Hiring a certified HubSpot developer vs. a non-certified developer
  5. How HubSpot CMS development certification works
  6. Why hiring a HubSpot-certified developer is a good idea

HubSpot is a unique system. It’s powerful but it comes with a learning curve. Even for the strong web developers. I’ve taken HubSpot CMS Certification four times (not because I couldn’t pass it the first three times, but because HubSpot CMS Certification expires every year). Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. What sets HubSpot developers apart from other coders

A HubSpot developer needs to know the templating language of the HubSpot CMS (HubL for short). HubL knowledge is required in addition to solid experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (the staples of web development).

2. Where to go when you need to find HubSpot developers

Depending on your budget and your project needs, there are a variety of resources you can use:

  • You can reach out to HubBase and schedule your free 30-minute consultation. (Yes, a shameless plug ;).
  • HubSpot certified agencies —This is a list curated by HubSpot itself, which names all of the agencies that have gone through HubSpot’s certification process. You can search by skills needed, budget, country, industry specialty, and more.
  • Hubmatch—This website helps companies find full-time or contract HubSpot developers. You can search for HubSpot developers with a certain specialty or in a specific location. You will also find a mix of individual HubSpot developers and HubSpot development agencies.
  • Upwork—This is a great resource that gives you the flexibility to hire developers for short-term, long-term, one-time dev projects. It is a standard resource for finding HubSpot developers and professionals in a wide variety of fields. You can set your budget, the amount of time your project will take, and the skill level you are looking for. On Upwork, you will find HubSpot developers with a range of experience and backgrounds, so be sure to define your project carefully.

3. What questions to ask when interviewing a HubSpot developer

UpWork provides some good tips on what to ask developers .

  • Technology Fit: The development professional you hire must understand your technology stack (e.g. MEAN). This will make it easier for them to transition into your workflow.
  • Organization: Good code and well-documented code are one and the same. Find a developer whose work can be understood by your team and any future developers you may work with.
  • Feedback: Both good and bad reviews from past clients can give you much-need insight into what it would be like to work with a particular web developer. Analyzing them can help you to make a wise decision.
  • Portfolio: Past projects allow you to assess the quality of a developer’s work and gain an understanding of their range of experience. Additionally, you can determine whether or not the results they achieved are in line with your current goals.

When conducting an interview, you need to get a sense of the developer’s technical skills, as well as their ability to communicate clearly. Here are some example questions to ask:

  • What approach do you take to designing a website from scratch? With this question, you give the developer an open-ended opportunity to describe their work process. The more technical detail they can include, the better. Look for developers that can give confident answers that are easy to understand.
  • What’s your approach to user-friendly web design? One of the big benefits of HubSpot is the ability to create user-friendly websites. You definitely want a developer who can leverage this feature! With this question, you can understand if the developer has a handle on the design elements that go into the finished product.
  • What are the benefits of HubSpot CMS? You want to hire a developer that is excited to be working in HubSpot and knowledgeable about all of the features the platform offers. By asking this question, you can gauge both of these things.
  • What frameworks do you work with, and what are the pros and cons of each? Depending on your level of technical skill, you may want to throw in some technical questions during your interview. This is just one possible example. Look for not only correct answers but the ability to communicate technical information with ease.

4. Hiring a certified HubSpot developer vs. a non-certified developer

In-depth knowledge of HubSpot CMS is essential. It’s not enough just to be a good developer. However, there’s good news – when I started developing websites in HubSpot, I had 5 years of prior programming experience behind my belt, working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It took me only 4 hours to get familiar with HubL. So the learning curve is relatively small, but the certification is helpful and is a testament to the knowledge of the system.

5. How CMS development certification works

The HubSpot certification course contains lessons and resources to prep web developers. A course can be taken by devs who are relatively new to the world of web development, or just new to HubSpot CMS. Although HubSpot does not mention it, from my experience knowledge of HTML and CSS is needed before you start the certification.

In order to get certified, developers must complete a series of lessons and pass an exam and practicum. The process is designed to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Understanding of HubL programming language
  • Understanding of programming concepts needed to use the CMS
  • Understanding of HubSpot philosophy and ability to develop with this in mind
  • Ability to program a website in HubL that meets HubSpot’s standards

Because all HubSpot developers are required to submit a practicum (i.e. a development project that meets HubSpot’s requirements), you can feel confident that all HubSpot certified developers are able to leverage the platform correctly.

6. Why hiring a HubSpot-certified developer is a good idea

The developer you hire will affect the outcome of your project, so be sure you allocate plenty of time to finding the right person.

Of course, there is an abundance of non-HubSpot-certified developers who are immensely technical and very capable of building a website in the CMS. Yet, as mentioned earlier, HubSpot has developed a variety of assets and advanced tools specific to its CMS, which has a learning curve.

Why do I continue to take HubSpot certification exam every year? It allows me to stay on top of all the latest tools that HubSpot introduces. It helps me streamline our development process. This leads to an increase in productivity. In turn, this means faster turnarounds on projects and direct cost savings for our clients.

Are you a HubSpot developer? We’re hiring!