Val Stepanova
By:  Val Stepanova

Published: May 1, 2024


Last Updated: May 1, 2024

The Evolution of CMS Hub: Introducing HubSpot Content Hub - A Game-Changer in Content Marketing
The Evolution of CMS Hub: Introducing HubSpot Content Hub - A Game-Changer in Content Marketing

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HubSpot Content Hub revolutionizes content marketing strategies with its cutting-edge features and intuitive interface. Seamlessly manage, optimize, and distribute content across all channels, empowering businesses to drive engagement and achieve their marketing goals effortlessly. Discover how Content Hub transforms content management into a strategic advantage for your brand.



It’s content-marketing-in-a-box. Take it from this content marketer of 15 years (yep, dating myself here).

Doubling (or tripling) down on content is wise. Why? Content is king. This is not a cliché. It’s true for humans, Google, and LLMs alike. We all consume content, and some AI modes are running out of content to consume (synthetic content will be needed). So, content will always be king. I used to refer to content as ‘Google food,’ but content is much more than that.

Content Remix, Brand Voice, Content Embeds, AI Translations, and Approvals, among other features.

Upgrade to Content Hub. That is if you’re serious about content marketing and efficiency.

If you are hosting your website on HubSpot CMS Hub, you can transition to Content Hub seamlessly, retaining access to legacy features and gaining access to new tools without an immediate increase in current subscription rates.


Details on what’s new with Content Hub

First CMS Build for Marketers

Another thing I have always appreciated is that HubSpot understands that in 90% of companies, marketing teams own and manage websites. So, HubSpot CMS was the only CMS on the market designed for marketers, not developers.

More and Better

This month, HubSpot took it even further and launched Content Hub. It’s an all-in-one tool specially designed for content marketers. As we phase out CMS Hub, let’s explore what Content Hub offers.

Content Hub isn't just a new name; it's a revamped platform that enhances content creation across your customer journey without the need for a traditional website. It integrates AI technology to streamline content management and creation, offering more than just web hosting services.

Detailed Feature Comparison:

Content Hub now houses functionalities that were previously part of both CMS Hub and Marketing Hub. Specifically, blogs and landing pages have moved from Marketing Hub to Content Hub, highlighting its focus on content rather than just website management.

Content Hub Capabilities:

Content Hub simplifies the creation of diverse content types—from blogs and landing pages to podcasts, all without needing a website backend. This flexibility allows marketers to focus on content quality and engagement without technical constraints.

Pricing Update:

The introduction of Content Hub brings a new pricing structure (for reference, here’s an old HubSpot CMS pricing):

Starter: $20/month with basic content tools and AI capabilities. Professional: $500/month includes advanced content remixing and optimization tools. Enterprise: $1,500/month for comprehensive content operations and multi-site management.

What Does it Mean to HubSpot CMS Customers?

If you are hosting your website on HubSpot CMS Hub, you can transition to Content Hub seamlessly, retaining access to legacy features while gaining new tools without an immediate increase in their current subscription rates.

Marketing+ and Its Implications:

Content Hub forms a crucial part of the new Marketing+ bundle, which combines the power of Marketing Hub and Content Hub into a unified solution, making it ideal for comprehensive marketing strategies.

AI-Powered Efficiency in Content Hub

Content Hub leverages AI to automate routine tasks, such as content analysis and data-driven adjustments. This will help marketing teams to focus on strategic and creative aspects.

Content Hub and SEO

AI automation extends to SEO optimization as well. Content Hub’s AI will analyze content for keyword integration and SEO performance, suggesting improvements for deeper SEO optimization.

Intelligent Content Creation

HubSpot Content Hub introduced this new awesome feature to dynamically generate content ideas and drafts. This is one of the most exciting features at the core of Content Hub’s AI capabilities. This tool uses machine learning algorithms to understand audience preferences and content performance. It then crafts personalized content suggestions that are meant to resonate with your exact target demographics.

Brand Voice Consistency

One of the standout features of Content Hub’s AI integration is its ability to maintain a consistent brand voice across all content channels. By analyzing existing materials, AI develops an understanding of a brand’s tone and style, ensuring that every piece of content it assists in creating aligns with the brand’s established voice.

Advanced Content Remixing

‘Reshuffle and repurpose’ – that’s what I always recommended to clients when they would tell me, “But content is so expensive to produce.” Yes, even with the magic of AI, human touch is still necessary. Otherwise, you’d probably never get this far down this article (no fence to all the magical AI innovations!).

So the Content Remix tool is another AI highlight, allowing marketers to efficiently repurpose existing content into new formats. AI assesses the content’s core message and audience engagement, suggesting different formats and platforms where the content could perform well, thereby maximizing the reach and effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Podcasts and Multimedia Content: By facilitating the easy creation of podcasts and other multimedia content, Content Hub caters to the diversifying consumption preferences of modern audiences.

Future-Proofing Content Strategies

By integrating AI, Content Hub enhances current content capabilities and prepares businesses for future trends. AI’s predictive analytics can forecast content trends and consumer behavior, giving companies a competitive edge by enabling them to adapt their strategies proactively.


Integrating AI into HubSpot’s Content Hub represents a significant advancement in content marketing technology. By automating complex tasks, generating intelligent insights, and ensuring consistency across all forms of content, AI empowers marketers to craft strategies that are not only effective but also scalable and future-proof.

Final Thoughts and Future Outlook:

As HubSpot continues to innovate, Content Hub represents a strategic move towards more integrated, AI-driven content marketing platforms. It’s designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern marketers, ensuring ease of use, enhanced functionality, and better content management.