Umair Khokhar
By:  Umair Khokhar

Published: May 13, 2019


Last Updated: April 16, 2024

How HubSpot Uses Artificial Intelligence
How HubSpot Uses Artificial Intelligence

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HubSpot and AI: a deep connection

The basics of the HubSpot platform are straightforward: bring the right customer to the right product at the right moment. But how does the HubSpot platform achieve this? Well, with the use of some very sophisticated software solutions and through the utilization of some of the wonders Artificial Intelligence has to offer.

When you think about AI, your mind may be drawn to something very high-tech or even science fiction based, and you may not realize that even today, we use AI technologies in our everyday lives. Like, for example, Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, is a type of AI implemented in the daily lives of people. Sorry, no flying robots yet.

But it is not exactly this type of AI that HubSpot uses. It is a more sophisticated and more personalized approach towards inbound marketing and making a more personal connection with the help of AI.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The most fundamental definition of artificial intelligence says that it is intelligence demonstrated by machines as opposed to the natural intelligence demonstrated by humans. AI can imitate people and learn, it can communicate, albeit very crudely and with certain limitations. AI technologies are capable of talking, learning, and even answering complex questions. However, it is still in the early stages of development, so we’ll have to wait awhile for data, the self-aware android from Star Trek.

Of course, today, artificial intelligence is used for many applications, like self-driving cars, military simulations, robotics, machines able to play strategy games and more.

Machines today are capable of dealing with enormous quantities of data; something a person would need years to do, a machine can do in minutes, sometimes even faster. It is not just the amazing computing powers, but also the abilities of the machines to learn via specific programs, recognize specific patterns with the use of their algorithms and make proper suggestions and accurate predictions. This feature is called machine learning, is another part of AI, and is a very powerful tool the HubSpot platform uses.

AI has a lot more complex definitions which we’ll not discuss in more detail here, but skip right to the point: why and how the HubSpot platform uses AI to their advantage?

Where do AI features shine in HubSpot?

The general idea of inbound marketing is to provide the information to a potential customer, creating awareness about the product with a potential customer, attracting them and then converting them to real customers.

While the whole HubSpot platform is very complex for us to discern here, I’ll only explain the main aspects where AI is used and how it helps make the HubSpot platform the savant in inbound marketing it is today.

AI-governed machine learning

An aspect of AI that the HubSpot platform uses a lot is machine learning. Via this tool, each individual business that uses the platform can reap the benefits of the improved analytics and overall better customer service.

The platform uses AI machine learning systems that “know” what the potential client likes. The data that HubSpot gathers is analyzed by their sophisticated algorithms and is then organized and analyzed again and again. This is done so the platform has enough data points on which to base their content predictions and make the perfect recommendation for the client. They are also implementing a machine learning technique that is called continuous optimization, which should help to improve customer experience.

When a company uses its HubSpot page, the system itself has access to the entire potential client’s info and it helps with content management, allowing the easier and more precise organization and optimization of the content. The machine learning techniques within the HubSpot platform learn from this data, make predictions and display suggestions. It is also powerful and smart enough to tell the users what should be discarded and what should be encouraged.

AI services provide insights in published content and CRM contacts

The large amounts of information that HubSpot gathers and needs to analyze contain sensitive information that can prove very important in the CMS and CRM systems. This information is often essential for creating personalized connections with the clients and nurturing healthy relationships.

AI helps the sales representatives gain insight in the published content and analyze the CRM contacts, providing with exacting content for a particular client. That is how Netflix always has the perfect suggestion for movie night.

That is how HubSpot always draws the best recommendations too, so the businesses using this platform can successfully gain more traffic to their product/service. AI is also responsible for the detailed metrics that help decide on the correct SEO strategy that is most impactful.

Predictive lead scoring with AI

The platform has incorporated some very nice machine learning techniques that help the desired content reach the proper client. The AI section of the platform is capable of customizing each model and contact, allowing the company to gain important insight into their potential clients.

The HubSpot system is learning everything about the potential clients and the Predictive Lead Scoring tool is there to create a custom model with adequate scores on each contact in the businesses’ database, outlining the ones that are most likely to be converted into customers. The Predictive Lead Scoring system in HubSpot is linked to every other aspect of the business’s CRM and is providing very accurate scores.

This tool is essential during follow up with clients, so the sales managers will not waste time on non-interested parties, but will devote their efforts to the prospective clients that are most likely to become paying customers.

The conclusion: AI is the tool of the feature

HubSpot as a platform offers something very appealing for many businesses, but despite the sophisticated software solutions it has, it would not be the success it is today without the use of some specific artificial intelligence tools and techniques.

Helping to better recognize the needs of the potential clients, the AI techniques allow precise suggestions to reach the specific client. The AI and machine learning tools also go through many possible solutions and find and suggest the best one that is most likely to turn the potential into a real client, which is kind of the whole point of the inbound marketing technique.

Without AI, there would not be content strategy or machine learning, and HubSpot would not be so successful in helping businesses market their products to the right clients.