Val Stepanova
By:  Val Stepanova

Published: June 11, 2019


Last Updated: April 16, 2024

Why startups should use HubSpot Marketing Automation
Why startups should use HubSpot Marketing Automation

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Top 5 reasons startups should use HubSpot

The ultimate goal of any startup is to get their product or service closer to the final customers as fast as possible and achieve growth. Any startup has faced with a dose of uncertainty and what they need is a way to validate the market needs. To attain this, a startup needs all the possible help it can get.

According to an article published in Fortune, nine out of ten startups fail. The strongest factor that causes fails is the lack of consumer interest in the offered product/service and this is where HubSpot comes in real handy.

HubSpot for Startups

Any startup company, or even an already established company can greatly benefit from a properly applied Customer Relation Management (CRM) approach. This is especially important for growing startups that are on the verge of rapid growth and need specific tools to help them better manage prospective clients and close sales. The appropriately implemented CRM for startups means invaluable data from several communication channels that help the startup (or any business for that matter) acquire more detailed knowledge about the targeted customer base and their needs and be extra responsive towards their potential clients. The HubSpot platform has a specific HubSpot for Startups program specifically designed for helping startup companies get off the ground. Read on as I explain why every startup should seriously consider using the HubSpot platform. Learn how your startup can benefit from a properly applied CRM and what the HubSpot platform provides.

Top 5 reasons why any startup should use HubSpot

The HubSpot platform helps a startup to hit the ground running. It is designed to help the startup company achieve better market presence, with the emphasis on inbound marketing and the utilization of every possible communication channel; it helps the startups with their growth strategy and greatly increases the startup’s chances of success. The HubSpot platform has tools specially designed for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, landing pages, and SEO. I will not outline all the other features like their integration features and services, but will skip right to the good part: why a startup should use the HubSpot platform?


HubSpot has redefined the term inbound marketing. With the emphasis on products, services, and tools for social media marketing, content management, SEO, and web analytics, it is a no-brainer that a startup should most definitely acquire the services of the HubSpot for Startups. With an all-in-one approach, the HubSpot platform uses the best marketing techniques, combining all the necessary tools that a startup needs to have at its disposal. The multiple integration possibilities with different platforms make it even more appealing and increase the chances of growth for the startup. Bringing the products or services closer to the customers without annoying them, with excellent Call-To-Action tools, easy to use policy, and 24/7 support, the HubSpot platform is the best option for any startup. It also brings an air of sophistication that is not possible to achieve without such a platform.


The CRM strategy is an essential tool for a startup or any organization for managing the relationships and interactions with the potential and actual customers. The properly applied CRM helps a company stay in relation to its customers, build new relations and increase the growth and profits of the company. The HubSpot CRM Free has an amazing 99% customer satisfaction and is completely free of charge use, helping companies and startups measure sales team productivity, forecast revenue and organize, track and nurture leads and customers. The CRM services help with the organization of contacts, sales opportunities, and interaction with clients through various channels.


Want to offer your product/service to a large crowd? It is very possible to do this without the need to increase your employee base with a smart tool like the Marketing Automation system. The HubSpot marketing platform has all-in-one software that helps a company or a startup with the appropriate training for the founders and helps them better understand their potential market. A simple definition: Marketing automation is the software that helps with the automation of marketing actions. It is a part of CRM, and as such, marketing automation replaces the repetitive manual processes. It is a very helpful tool for any startup and growing company as it helps organize and automate repetitive tasks like managing emails, social media accounts and scaling the efforts and bringing the right content to the right customers. And HubSpot offers it all: a technological solution that brings all the tasks under one dashboard, where the users can create personalized user experience via user-friendly channels, and not flooding the customers with spam messages or other annoying practices. The marketing automation is a service that eliminates the possibility of making errors like overlooking or double-booking an appointment, not replying to a customer inquiry and ensuring that any lead is adequately enticed to become a customer.


The lead generation is a process of attracting and converting strangers into prospective clients – leads. There are several ways through which a startup can generate leads, and HubSpot has bound all the possible channels under one platform to increase the number of visitors that become leads. Visitor clicks on CTA link that takes them to a landing page where they fill a form to get an offer, thus becoming leads. This is the sum of the lead generation, and a startup can use any possible channel to help them generate leads, like email, social media, blogs, referrals, advertisements, and adequate content. There are many free lead generation tools offered by HubSpot, and any startup needs to consider implementing at least one of these into their website/content/social media so they can attract prospective clients and start growing their business.


To help a struggling startup, the HubSpot platform offers content, master classes, training, and continuous support for acquiring and retaining customers. The platform offers onboarding services that help the startup with campaign launches, communication with new contacts and converting them into potential clients. HubSpot has educational content and offers guidance in learning the art of lead generation, customer conversion and customer satisfaction. Many successful startups that used the HubSpot for Startups Setup have stated that this has helped them get their priorities in order and ultimately ensure the growth of their business.

Conclusion: Startups benefit from HubSpot

From all of the above, I can conclusively say that among the many platforms that are designed to offer marketing support for a startup, the HubSpot platform is most definitely the best. It offers tools specifically designed to cater to the needs of a growing startup company. There are plenty of tools designed for improved inbound marketing, CRM for startups and existing companies, training and consulting services and a lot more, and some of these are absolutely free. To help matters further, the HubSpot for Startups has partnered with global VC entities, accelerators and incubators to help any startup grow and improve. For those concerned about the price of the HubSpot services, there are special offers for startups and depending on their raised funding, can get o up to 90% off for their first year.