Umair Khokhar
By:  Umair Khokhar

Published: September 16, 2019


Last Updated: April 16, 2024

What are HubSpot apps?
What are HubSpot apps?

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If you are using the HubSpot platform in any way, then you are surely familiar with HubSpot’s collection of apps. No? Alright, then keep reading and learn all about HubSpot apps and how they help you transform the way you use the platform and grow your business.

Why use apps in HubSpot?

It seems like the HubSpot platform is pretty well endowed when it comes to the different possibilities, but it is not almighty, even though it is used by over 56,000 people and businesses over the world. There are plenty of other tools, apps, and platforms that have their merits. Enter HubSpot apps.

The use of HubSpot apps opens a whole new world of possibilities. Connect the HubSpot platform with outside tools that can help you develop your business and use some features that you are used to, and all that as simple as installing an app.

HubSpot’s App Marketplace

The HubSpot platform has a very nicely designed website with plenty of options. Among these, you will find their CRM, software packages, an extensive blog section, customer stories, eBooks, free courses, and plenty of other possibilities, like their app marketplace.

The app marketplace is a relatively new section, as this part was formerly named integrations and held only a partial number of possibilities. Today that is changed, and the app marketplace has a growing number of apps and integrations. There are literally hundreds of different apps and integrations in the HubSpot marketplace that can accommodate every business need.

The apps are organized in good order, with a proper overview and with several filters that can be engaged so the users can more easily find what they are after. There is also a search box that leads you directly to the app you need, provided you know the name of the app.

The apps are divided into categories: marketing, sales, customer success, productivity, and finance. People can also look for free apps, apps with monthly or yearly subscriptions and apps with one-time fee, depending on their needs and purchase budget.

The good thing is that the app marketplace filters allow you to search for an app that will integrate with the exact software you need, and I mean exact, as this list contains lots and lots of options organized alphabetically.

Installing a HubSpot app

Once you find your preferred app, you simply click on it and a window with an overview of the app will open. Each app profile has detailed explanation about its developer, the category in which the app is applied, basic requirements about installing the app, the key benefits explained, as well as a resource section with setup guide and a support website.

Let’s take the Gmail app for example here. The app’s profile page contains all the necessary information about the app and its installation. You can see that the app is developed by HubSpot, and as such, the profile tells you that the app does not require any type of permissions to gain access to your HubSpot account, as opposed to other apps for which you will need to set certain permissions.

The profile also shares the number of total installs, which in the case of the Gmail app, is 10,000+ as this is by far the most installed app on HubSpot. The profile of the app also explains how you can use Gmail and HubSpot in unison, and gain access to all the tools from HubSpot and Gmail in one click. It allows the user to utilize the simplicity of Gmail and the HubSpot sidebar, and it synchronizes HubSpot CRM and Gmail in real-time.

The app profile also offers the pricing sheet, explaining all the pricing options and the benefits from said options. By reading through the provided options, you can learn all there is to know about a certain app/integration. Also, the provided installation and setup guide will lead you through a step-by-step installation process with a limited possibility of messing something up.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact the HubSpot customer support or you can pose your questions on our team of experts, and we’ll be happy to answer any inquiry you may have.

Developing an app is possible

Say you need a specific tool or an action performed in HubSpot, but none of the offered apps has this option. In such a case, a certified developer can develop an app per your specification. HubSpot allows this and it is accessible on their Developers site.

Also, anyone that has the knowledge and ideas about how to help businesses grow and develop can contribute to this by developing new, improved apps. Because 93% of HubSpot users use apps with their HubSpot accounts, it comes as no wonder that there are constantly new apps on the HubSpot app marketplace that offer improved tools for doing business.

What we’ve learned

HubSpot is a platform with plenty of tools for inbound marketing and CRM. The many options HubSpot provides are excellent for improving the way a company does its business, but for some things, there are better options out there. So HubSpot has fixed this by developing (or adapting) specific apps and integrations.

By installing an app in your HubSpot profile, you gain access to the possibilities offered by the app, and of course, these get synced with HubSpot, so you get a double benefit of having all you need in one place. If you have any questions, or you need a specific app installed in your HubSpot profile, or even need an app specially developed to your needs, feel free to ask us anything, we are happy to help.