Umair Khokhar
By:  Umair Khokhar

Published: June 28, 2021


Last Updated: April 16, 2024

3 Features of HubSpot CMS Hub You Should be Using
3 Features of HubSpot CMS Hub You Should be Using

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3 Useful Features of the New HubSpot CMS Hub

In April 2020, the new HubSpot CMS Hub was introduced to the world. Already hailed as one of the best content management systems around the world, the HubSpot CMS got even more useful upgrades. The new CMS Hub is even more user-friendly and efficient than its predecessor. This is in line with its purpose of making website management painless and shifting all focus to customer experience.

What new features does CMS Hub have and how do they benefit you? Let’s find out!

The Capabilities of HubSpot’s CMS Hub

CMS Hub has several features that eliminate the frustration that often comes with site management. We’ll cover the most noteworthy.

New Feature #1: Themes

In the past, making even simple changes to your website could be tricky. Not anymore thanks to HubSpot themes. Themes serve as guardrails that help you implement changes across your entire site.

This creates a consistent experience for users and prevents things from going haywire when edits are made. HubSpot provides various pre-made themes from which you can choose. Yet, you can also have a custom theme made to showcase your visual identity.

New Feature #2: Drag and Drop Page Editing

Before, many changes required you to edit your page template. This changed all pages using that template. With the introduction of drag and drop editing, you can now make adjustments on individual pages with ease. Need to resize a column? Add a button? Place an image next to your text? Just drag and drop.

New Feature #3: A/B Testing For Multi-Language Content

The ability to create multi-language content in HubSpot has proven to be a useful feature, especially for businesses in the process of scaling. However, before the introduction of the new CMS Hub, A/B testing was not possible.

Now, however, that feature is available, enabling you to get an accurate picture of how your multi-language content is performing. As a result, you’ll be able to make informed decisions to improve customer experience.

CMS Hub Enterprise Feature: Adaptive Testing

When it comes to testing, the enterprise plan takes it even further. With adaptive testing, you can test up to five versions of a page. Using machine learning, HubSpot then serves site visitors the version that performs best.

The Benefits of the CMS Hub

The above are just a few features of the new CMS Hub, all of which have far-reaching benefits. They make it easier for developers like us to build attractive, efficient sites. Not to mention easier to set clients up for success once their sites are live.

In other words, they reduce the hassle of making changes for marketers and site owners like you. These all contribute to a better on-site experience for visitors. And better customer experience promotes conversions, which is the ultimate goal.

To learn more about the CMS Hub or to discuss getting a custom theme built, get in touch with the HubBase team!