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By:  Umair Khokhar

Published: July 7, 2021


Last Updated: April 16, 2024

HubSpot Themes - Everything You Need to Know
HubSpot Themes - Everything You Need to Know

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HubSpot CMS is a robust system to build and maintain websites. While it’s an amazing platform to have at your disposal, not everyone has the necessary skills to create websites on HubSpot. That’s where themes come in. These pre-built bundles of assets require zero coding experience. They are also fully customizable.

Read on to learn what HubSpot themes are, why you may want to consider using one, and how to pick a theme.

What are HubSpot Themes?

HubSpot themes are a set of modules, templates, style settings, and global content that can be mixed and matched to create websites. Themes have been available to creators on HubSpot’s marketplace since June 25, 2020. Before that, HubSpot offered template packs, which didn’t provide as much versatility as themes.

Benefits of using HubSpot Themes

Before HubSpot themes, website creators had to carefully monitor that they built a consistent experience for users from page to page. HubSpot wasn’t as powerful as it is today, and this meant more work for developers.

There are several benefits to using HubSpot themes, including:

  • Ease of creating global content, which remains the same throughout the website.
  • Reusable elements, which cuts down on the need to build new components.
  • Customization, which means creating unique websites.
  • The ability to copy a theme from one account to another.

What is HubSpot Marketplace

The Themes are made available via the HubSpot Marketplace. Let’s quickly touch on what it is. HubSpot Marketplace is an online directory with thousands of products designed to help you build a website. You can purchase themes, modules, or templates, which can provide more options and versatility to users. The marketplace features both free and paid options.

You can find the perfect template by searching by category, provider, or price. You can also sort the offerings through the most downloaded or price.

Our newly developed HubSpot theme, Level Up, is also now available for purchase via the Marketplace. As developers and marketers with years of experience, we have built it to make it easier not only for developers but for marketers and business owners as well to get up and running.

Should I purchase a theme or build one from scratch?

It depends on the situation, your skill level, and how much time and budget you have. You should also consider the complexity of your design requirements. For example, if you have to accommodate already-established brand guidelines and you have the available budget, then you should go for a theme.

If you have the experience, or support of a developer, to create a theme and want more control over the end result, then you should build your own theme. But keep in mind, even for the most experienced developers, HubSpot can present a learning curve. Another option is to customize a theme you get from the Marketplace with the help of a HubSpot developer. You can reference this step-by-step guide on how to hire a HubSpot Developer.

Do I need to know how to code in HubSpot to use a Theme?

Short answer: no.

The purpose of themes is to give content editors the ability to create dynamic new pages out of a custom skeleton. From there, editors can customize as they see fit and make their own unique pages. Some knowledge of the HubSpot CMS user interface will come in handy and likely make the process easier. However, because themes leverage drag and drop functionality, it’s not too complicated to use.

What do themes mean for developers?

HubSpot themes make life easier for developers, as well as marketers. For example, developers can create reusable modules for their themes, which means less coding. With the introduction of themes into the developer’s toolkit, HubSpot has further strengthened its philosophy of component-based software engineering, which essentially means you develop once and use the coding everywhere.

Additionally, developers can also sell or offer their themes for free on the marketplace. It could be another source of income.

HubSpot Themes vs. Templates

Themes and templates share similarities, but they are different. Themes are a package of assets, which includes modules, templates, style settings, and global content. They are customizable and can be adapted in many ways.

Templates, on the other hand, are reusable page or email designs. They are generally built out of a combination of modules. Templates or a group of templates can make up a theme.

What’s customizable in themes?

Themes are incredibly customizable. You can change fonts, margins, paddings, global content, and color palettes. This means that if you’re not sold on a theme because the color or font feels wrong for your website, you will be able to change those elements and get it looking exactly as you envision it.

What are modules

Modules are building blocks that can be used in themes or templates. Think of modules as Legos. One lego may not be impressive to look at, but once you start stacking them together and build a structure, you can create something eye-catching. Modules work in the same way. They are assembled in a way to create a template or a theme. Get more info on building custom modules in HubSpot here.

How do modules work in themes?

If you want to create a page using modules within a theme, you can easily do so. Modules can be dragged and dropped, making it easy to incorporate into a theme.

How to pick the best theme

There is no one-size-fits-all theme. What works for someone else, may not work for you, so there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a theme. Aesthetics matter, of course, but remember, the whole reason themes exist is to make it possible to build new robust pages. The theme should be customizable within the HubSpot CMS framework. It should have the core templates that you need (such as homepage, blog, about us, products).

Before picking a theme in HubSpot, think about how your budget, what elements you need, and how it works. Look at the demo pages and take note of what does and doesn’t make sense for your website. Remember to keep in mind that some things can be changed, such as color palettes, and that some changes may require more effort.

How much do HubSpot themes cost?

The price varies on HubSpot themes, making them accessible for different budgets. Some are free, but paid offerings range from $50 to $1,500.