What is HubSpot Marketplace?

Published: October 1, 2019

What is HubSpot Marketplace?

We have all been to the market, right? It is the place where people go to purchase things that they need, like produce, food or drinks. It is the same with software platforms online, only these offer a different kind of products. The major software platforms that offer plenty of solutions usually depend on templates and modules that enable even more versatility and tools for the user. The places where the software platforms keep these are called marketplaces.

In the case of HubSpot, this is named HubSpot Marketplace. This is the place where HubSpot keeps its pre-made templates and modules that enable the user to create their unique website in the HubSpot CMS. We devote the following article to the HubSpot Marketplace and explain all one can find here.

What does the HubSpot Marketplace offer?

In a nutshell, the HubSpot Marketplace is an online directory with thousands of pre-made templates and modules that people can use to build a website in the HubSpot CMS (HubSpot Academy lesson). HubSpot has regularly updated its Marketplace, and the version in use today is the most stocked, offering a lot of different options.

The storefront displays the most downloaded items over time. It is very nicely organized, and users can perform searches directly in a search box, or browse by category. The two categories are templates and modules.

There are free and paid templates ranging from CTAs, forms, and email templates to error pages, password pages, re-subscription pages and more. The custom modules provided in the Marketplace enable easier building and publishing excellent content.

The templates offered here are made by professionals and will work with a website built in the HubSpot CMS. The good thing about the improved HubSpot Marketplace is that each and every template there supports all the latest HubSpot functionalities like custom modules, global groups, and global modules, so you will not have to worry if the template you select will be up to par with your HubSpot CMS website.

Why use the HubSpot Marketplace?

The ease of access and the many free options make the HubSpot Marketplace the best place to find templates that will best fit your needs. You will not have to learn new skills or hire a professional template developer that could build you the page you need, as you probably have it ready on the HubSpot Marketplace.

Also, you avoid the problems with CMS non-compliance, as these are built by Marketplace Providers that are professional developers that know their business. Since there are a lot of specific requirements to look out for, the templates on the Marketplace are reviewed against a specific set of criteria that satisfy the HubSpot standards.

How to use the HubSpot Marketplace?

Simple: enter HubSpot Marketplace in the search bar of your search engine and click “go”, and the first displayed result is the link you need. The HubSpot users can also enter the Marketplace from their account within the Content drop-down menu.

Once you enter the Marketplace, you will see the most downloaded templates displayed on the right side of the screen, and on the left, there is a narrow column with the categories.

By clicking on the templates category, you will open a drop-down menu with more search option where you can certainly find what you are after. The same goes for the modules category, where you can choose between free and paid modules, search by function or provider or look for a module that will work with a blog, email, and website/landing page.

Let’s take for example the first displayed template, in this case, Sonata. Simply click on the template and you will enter the product profile. Also, within the profile, there is all the relevant info related to it, like product type, times it has been installed, layout, template packs, built with, resources and provider. There is a live example where you can see how the template looks and works. Each template comes with the appropriate documentation about use, editing, and support.

There is a detailed description of the product on the bottom of the page with a basic description of what the product offers. In the case of our example, Sonata is the original free email template in the HubSpot Marketplace and is filled with features that allow the user to share your latest news, events, blog and more.

The same goes for the modules. By clicking on the module you like, you will enter the product profile where all the relevant information about the module is displayed.

Purchasing from the HubSpot Marketplace

The HubSpot Marketplace allows the purchasing of templates and modules, and payments are done via credit card, via a Stripe or PayPal transaction. These are available to Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise edition and Legacy Marketing Hub Basic users. Here we offer an abbreviated version of the purchasing process.

Enter your HubSpot account and select Marketing>Files and Templates>Template Marketplace. Search for the template you need either by browsing the offered templates or by using the provided filter. Once you find what you need, click on the template and enter the product profile. Next to the Live example, there is a Buy or Get for free on the right side of the screen. By clicking on these, you will be prompted to enter your billing info.

Once payment is cleared and you receive a receipt, the template will be added to the design manager in your HubSpot account, and you can use them when creating or updating your website. If you have already purchased a template, you will see it in the purchase tab in the Marketplace, and you can use the template by clicking the drop-down menu named Actions.

What we’ve learned

The HubSpot Marketplace is an online directory with templates and modules that significantly facilitate the building of websites in the HubSpot CMS. The Marketplace is easy to navigate and is very simple to use. The filters allow the user to locate the best template for their needs, along with the most appropriate module.

If you have any trouble using the HubSpot Marketplace or you are in need of a website built in the HubSpot CMS, feel free to give us a shout, and we’ll be happy to answer any question and address any inquiry you may have.

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