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Published: January 20, 2023


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Hire a HubSpot Developer. How Much & Where to Hire Best HubSpot Developers
Hire a HubSpot Developer. How Much & Where to Hire Best HubSpot Developers

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How to hire a HubSpot Developer

HubSpot is a unique, powerful system. But it comes with a learning curve, even for the most experienced web developers. HubSpot has a CMS certification program that outlines and validates that a developer has the required skills and understanding of guidelines and best practices to develop HubSpot CMS websites. A developer has to retake the certification exam every year.

I have been taking the certification exam for the last 8 years, in addition, I have been extending and integrating HubSpot with other platforms using the powerful HubSpot API and HubSpot Apps. Here's what I've learned that can help you hire a HubSpot developer:

1. How are HubSpot developers different from other devs?

Any web developer needs to have a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — the staples of web development. In addition to these staples, a HubSpot developer needs to know HubSpot's templating language – HubL.

# Arrays
{% set navigation = ["Home", "About"] %}
{% do navigation.append("Contact Us") %}
{{navigation}} # Objects {% set book = {"name" : "Rocking HubL", "author" : "John Smith" }%}
{% do book.update({"ebook" : "yes"}) %}

Knowledge of HubL allows HubSpot developers to create and customize website themes, email templates, and other content. It also enables developers to access and manipulate data from HubDB (HubSpot database that allows customers to store and manage their data within their HubSpot account), HubSpot CRM, and other sources, and to create dynamic, personalized content. View more technical HubSpot skills.

HubSpot developers also need to have a complete understanding of the HubSpot ecosystem to extend it and integrate it with other web applications.

2. What does a HubSpot developer do?

Experienced HubSpot developers are experts in developing applications, using APIs, providing custom integrations, and building websites using the latest HubSpot tools. This includes the creation of landing pages, setting up CRM, designing blogs, optimizing for SEO, and building custom HubSpot apps.

HubSpot CMS development

HubSpot CMS is one of the most powerful content management systems currently available on the market. The ability to easily manage content, and create custom web design, as well as its security and scalability, is unmatched. But, in order to take full advantage of its features HubSpot CMS features, your website needs to follow the guidelines and best practices provided by HubSpot. A professional HubSpot developer builds your website keeping HubSpot CMS guidelines and best practices in mind.

Other common HubSpot developer tasks include:

HubSpot app development

One of the features of HubSpot is its ability to connect with other platforms seamlessly using HubSpot Apps. While HubSpot does have an app marketplace, not all platforms and business use cases are supported.

HubSpot App Marketplace screenshot

A HubSpot developer can help you connect a platform with HubSpot that doesn't exist on the marketplace by building a HubSpot app.

3. How HubSpot developers can benefit your marketing efforts

When you take your time and go through the due diligence in screening and hiring a HubSpot developer and, plain HubL development aside, they understand your underlying goals for the website, and magic can happen.

Here are a few customer success stories, that we are proud of

How LivTech achieved
50% higher conversion rates 
with HubBase
How Hale achieved
15% increase in online sales
with HubBase
Screenshot 2024-04-01 212341 Screenshot 2024-04-01 212309
View Case Study View Case Study
After its partnership with HubBase, LivTech saw a significant impact in its digital footprint, which resulted in 50% in website conversion rates and dramatically reduced website maintenance time:


  • Unified hosting across portfolio sites, addressing previous fragmentation.
  • Improved traffic-to-lead conversion rates by 50%, optimizing lead generation.
  • Enabled efficient content management through a universal theme and module library.


  • Developed and deployed a responsive HubSpot theme, improving user engagement.
  • Introduced a universal theme and a reusable module library for streamlined content updates.
  • Enhanced security with pre-launch testing and empowered marketing with update capabilities.


  • Landing page conversions and organic traffic surged by 50% and 10%, respectively.
  • Streamlined processes resulted in accelerated launch timelines.

This case study is a good example of how a strategic partnership with the right HubSpot development agency can redefine marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Hale's partnership with HubBase demonstrates how a strategic overhaul from fragmented digital practices to streamlined martech architecture resulted in a 15% surge in online sales :


  • Disjointed eCommerce and marketing platforms led to fragmented data.
  • Sales reporting was manual and time-consuming.
  • The absence of personalized marketing limited customer engagement.
  • An outdated user interface caused poor conversion rates.


  • Integrating Shopify with HubSpot, Hale unified its eCommerce and CRM, enabling seamless operations.
  • Automation introduced instant data insights, paving the way for targeted, behavior-driven marketing.
  • Enhanced segmentation and personalization strategies improved customer interactions.


  • Revenue grew by 15%, reflecting a direct impact on sales.
  • Time to market for campaigns was cut by 30%, boosting marketing agility.

HubBase's role was pivotal, transforming Hale's digital framework for increased efficiency and sales, proving strategic integration as a cornerstone for growth.

Screenshot 2024-04-01 210908


Download Full Case Study >
Hale Case Study


Download Full Case Study >


4. Where to hire a HubSpot developer

Depending on your budget and project needs, you have a variety of resources available. You can:

1. Hire our HubSpot developers

Our team of HubSpot-certified developers has over 10 years of working with clients and providing:

  • Ongoing support for existing HubSpot websites
  • Migrating websites from any CMS to HubSpot
  • Building custom HubSpot themes
  • Building custom API integrations 
Also, we layer full-stack development on top of HubSpot CMS – which allows us to build anything in HubSpot. 

Set up 30 minutes free consultation with us to learn more:

2. Reach out to other HubSpot partner agencies via HubSpot Solutions Directory. Certified HubSpot partners have a directory listing similar to ours -- HubBase HubSpot Developers. In the directory, you can narrow down partners by skill set, budget, country, industry focus, and more:

HubSpot Solutions Directory Services screenshot

Note that many solution partners and agencies lack or have limited HubSpot development skills. This is what sets our team apart – we specialize in HubSpot CMS and HubSpot app development.

3. Find a HubSpot developer on marketplaces. Our first clients came through marketplaces — so we know there's good talent there! :) You can hire HubSpot developers through platforms like Toptal,, and Hubstaff -- on a short- or long-term basis, as well as for one-time dev projects. It's a great resource for finding HubSpot developers and professionals across a variety of fields. You can set your budget, the length of a project, and the skill level you need.


You will find HubSpot developers and professionals with a range of experience and backgrounds, so define your project carefully to make sure that you can find the right mix of skill and expertise.

5. What are the typical responsibilities of a HubSpot developer?

This will very much depend on a variety of factors, including your needs, the length of time you work with a HubSpot developer, and how your company is structured. To avoid misunderstandings or confusion, you should clearly define this role when hiring a developer on a full-time or contractor basis. This will guarantee that both of you are aware of expectations.

But generally, a developer can:

  • Create website pages, microsites, templates, and emails
  • Improve or rework your existing website
  • Partner with designers to carry out their vision
  • Develop full-stack web apps
  • Improve website performance
  • Increase HubSpot website loading speed
  • Integrate HubSpot with third-party platforms
  • Develop front-end code
  • Provide post-launch support
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues
  • Comply with accessibility guidelines
  • Test the site during development to find and fix bugs
  • Ensure multi-browser compatibility and performance
  • Help with HubSpot migration

6. Should you hire a HubSpot developer in-house or get a freelance basis?

This depends on different factors. To make a decision, you need to consider the workload and your budget. Hiring a HubSpot developer on a freelance or part-time basis is good if you:

  • Have a smaller budget
  • Need support on an as-needed basis
  • Need support with a short-term project
  • Do not require cross-team collaboration

A full-time developer will have more in-depth knowledge of your company. They'll be able to better anticipate needs and find gaps, whereas a freelancer may not be able to see the full picture as clearly. A full-time developer is a good fit if you:

  • Can pay a full-time salary
  • Have more complex ongoing needs
  • Need someone else to own this space
  • Require constant communication

That being said, hiring our hubspot developers can give you the best of both worlds. Client communication is one of the pillars of our team's success. We create a joint Slack channel and stay in real-life communication, supporting our clients on an ongoing, as-needed basis. We build ongoing relationships with our clients:

Check out our Customers section.

7. Check if a candidate is a good fit for HubSpot development

When conducting an interview, you want to get a sense of the developer's technical skills, as well as their ability to communicate clearly.

Here are the areas to check if a candidate is a good fit:

  • Knowledge of HubSpot Tech Stack
    Ensure the developer you hire is familiar with HubSpot's ecosystem. The candidate should have a good understanding of Javascript, HTML, CSS, and HubL. If you are hiring for HubSpot app development, make sure the candidate knows how to work with APIs.
  • Ability to write quality code
    Professional code is well-documented code. Find a developer whose work can be understood by your team and any developer that may join the team in the future.
  • Willingness to share client references
    References from past customers can give you much-needed insight into a particular candidate's abilities, work ethic, and approach to tasks. Paying attention to these details can help you make a wise decision.
  • Availability of a portfolio
    Past projects allow you to assess the quality of a developer's work and understand their experience. Additionally, you can determine whether or not their work aligns with your current goals.

8. What questions should you ask when interviewing a HubSpot developer?

  • What is HubSpot?
    This question is important even though it's broad. This allows the developer to demonstrate his or her understanding of the HubSpot ecosystem. Look for the mentions of the terms HubSpot CMS and HubSpot Apps in your developer's answer.
  • What are HubSpot Apps?
    One of the most powerful features of HubSpot is the ability to connect it with other platforms using HubSpot Apps. Prospective developers should be able to explain the HubSpot App marketplace and speak to things like different categories of HubSpot Apps, including Private Apps. Also, ask the developers if they have developed any HubSpot Apps.

  • Where do they host the HubSpot Apps?
    A HubSpot App is like a bridge that connects HubSpot with other platforms. The developer should have an understanding and experience in hosting HubSpot Apps. Examples of hosting methods are Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

  • What is HubSpot CMS, and how is it different from other CMS platforms?
    This question will help you gauge if the developer has experience building websites in HubSpot CMS. In my experience, if a developer doesn't know HubSpot CMS well, they will struggle to answer this question.
  • What are the benefits of HubSpot CMS?
    You want to hire a developer who understands the latest and greatest features the platform has to offer offers.
  • Do they leverage HubSpot's Modular Development approach when building websites?
    HubSpot recommends Modular Development, which is a variant of component-based software engineering. Modules are reusable components that can be leveraged in HubSpot templates and easily added to web pages via drag and drop. The modular development approach allows clients to manage their websites with ease.

    Example of HubSpot module

It dramatically reduces clients' dependency on their web developer by allowing clients to build landing pages (for example) simply by dragging and dropping modules onto the page. Modules are the most user-friendly way to code a website if you're building the website for less technical clients who plan to build their own pages.

  • Do they build websites from scratch or leverage HubSpot Asset Marketplace themes?
    A good marketplace theme can provide a relatively quick way to get the website up and running. We published our own theme, Slick, on the HubSpot Marketplace and we use it to build websites for clients that need a fast move to HubSpot CSM or want a more modern website design that is easy to manage:

    HubSpot Theme Slick

However, using a marketplace theme may not be the best approach if you work with strict brand design guidelines and want to build a custom website.

  • What approach do you take to designing a website?
    With this question, you give the developer an open-ended opportunity to describe their work process. The more technical details they include, the better. Look for developers who can give confident answers that are easy to understand.
  • What's your approach to user-friendly web design?
    One of the main benefits of HubSpot is the ability to create user-friendly websites. You want a developer who can leverage this feature. With this question, you can understand if the developer has a handle on the design elements that go into the finished product.
  • What frameworks do you work with, and what are the pros and cons of each? Depending on your level of technical skill, you may want to throw in some technical questions during your interview. This is just one possible example. Look for not only correct answers but the ability to communicate technical information with ease.

9. Should you hire a certified HubSpot developer vs. a non-certified developer?

In-depth knowledge of the HubSpot CMS is essential. Being a good developer isn't enough. However, there's good news – when I started developing websites in HubSpot, I had five years of programming experience under my belt (having worked with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Getting familiar with HubL took me only four hours.

The learning curve is not too steep, but the certification is helpful and is a testament to a developer's ability to leverage the latest and most efficient approach to building HubSpot websites.

10. How does Hubspot's CMS development certification work?

HubSpot developer certification course contains lessons and resources that prep web developers. Devs who are relatively new to the world of web development or just to HubSpot CMS, can take the course. Although HubSpot does not list it as a requirement, it is my experience that knowledge of HTML and CSS is necessary before a dev starts the certification.

To get certified, developers must complete a series of lessons and pass an exam and a practical test. The process is designed to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Understanding of HubL programming language
  • Understanding of programming concepts needed to use the CMS
  • Understanding of HubSpot philosophy and ability to develop with this in mind
  • Ability to program a website in HubL that meets HubSpot's standards

The preparation for the HubSpot development certification includes the following lessons:

HubSpot Developer Certification Course Curriculum

Because all HubSpot developers are required to take a practical exam (i.e., participate in a hands-on development project that meets HubSpot's requirements), you can feel confident that the HubSpot developer you hire can leverage the platform effectively.

11. Why is hiring a HubSpot-certified developer a good idea?

The developer you hire affects the outcome of your project, so make sure you allocate plenty of time to finding the right person. While there is an abundance of non-HubSpot-certified developers capable of building a website in the CMS, HubSpot has developed a variety of assets and advanced tools specific to its CMS, which has a learning curve.

12. How much does it cost to hire a HubSpot developer?

The cost to hire a HubSpot developer varies. On talent marketplace websites, for example, developers' rates range anywhere from about $25/hr all the way up to $200/hour.

To find what works for you, consider your budget, technical requirements and the scope of your project, and the developer's location, availability, and experience level. This will influence how much you spend on a HubSpot developer.

That being said, as HubSpot eloquently points out in their How to Hire a Freelance Developer article:

"You get what you pay for. This isn't the place to skimp out. If you're trying to save a buck, don't be surprised if the final project doesn't meet expectations or if the freelancer takes on a higher-paying project in addition to yours. Before getting upset, put yourself in their shoes. You'd expect to be paid fairly for your work; the freelancer expects the same."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

13. Why do I take HubSpot developer certification every year?

HubSpot does a wonderful job at optimizing and updating the developer tools, techniques, and, thus, the overall development experience. They make frequent updates to the HubSpot CMS certification course and the preparation material. A developer is required to prepare and take the certification exam once a year.

As a HubSpot developer, it allows me to stay on top of all the latest updates that HubSpot introduces. It helps me streamline our development process. This leads to an increase in productivity. In turn, this means faster turnarounds on projects and direct cost savings for our clients.

14. Why are good HubSpot developers in demand?

Top HubSpot developers are in high demand for a few reasons:

  1. HubSpot platform requires investment – it’s not an inexpensive product. Since your organization made this decision, it is important to make the most of your investment. A good HubSpot developer will allow you to do just that.
  2. Good devs are sought after due to their unique blend of technical expertise and marketing expertise. Their value lies both in their proficiency with HubSpot and in their commitment to staying on top of the latest technological trends. This ensures they can leverage the newest features of HubSpot CMS and integrate them with the broader tech landscape. 

15. TLDR

Don't have the time to read this whole article? Here are the main points, summarized for your convenience:

1. How are HubSpot developers different from other devs?

HubSpot developers need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HubSpot's templating language, HubL. They also need to understand the HubSpot ecosystem for integrations.

2. What does a HubSpot developer do?

HubSpot devs specialize in developing applications, custom integrations, and websites using HubSpot tools. Tasks include migrating websites, customizing themes, and building HubSpot apps.

3. Where to hire a HubSpot developer

Hiring the best HubSpot developer can be a challenge. They do, however, exist! :) A few places to consider: HubSpot Solutions Directory, talent marketplaces like Toptal, or our developers at HubBase.

4. Typical responsibilities of a HubSpot developer

Responsibilities can vary but generally include creating website pages, improving existing websites, developing full-stack web apps, and providing post-launch support.

5. In-house vs Freelance HubSpot Developer

The choice between hiring in-house or freelance depends on budget, project complexity, and the need for ongoing support. It depends on individual business needs, but hiring HubBase’s HubSpot developers allows your team to leverage a wide range of subject matter expertise—from custom workflow automations, SEO, and Content Marketing Strategy to CRO, dashboards, software engineering, and building HubSpot + AI tools. We can also assist with small administrative tasks. We work with all HubSpot Hubs! Connect with us for a free quote.

6. Interviewing a HubSpot Developer

Check for knowledge of HubSpot's tech stack, quality of code, client references, and portfolio to assess if the candidate is a good fit.

7. Questions to Ask During the Interview

Questions should cover understanding of HubSpot, experience with HubSpot Apps, hosting methods, and familiarity with HubSpot CMS and the Modular Development approach.

8. Certified vs Non-certified Developer

Certification is not mandatory but is a testament to a developer's ability to effectively use HubSpot's latest features.

9. HubSpot CMS Development Certification

The certification includes lessons, an exam, and a practical test to validate a developer's understanding of HubSpot's programming language and best practices.

10. Benefits of Hiring a Certified Developer

Certified developers are more likely to be up-to-date with HubSpot's latest tools and features, ensuring better project outcomes. You can train a web de in-house, but HubSpot comes with a learning curve.

11. Cost to Hire a HubSpot Developer

Costs vary widely, ranging from $25/hr to $200/hr on marketplaces. Our hourly rates for developers start at $120/hr. We recommend that you not skimp on budget as you get what you pay for.

12. Annual HubSpot Certification

Annual re-certification helps developers stay updated with HubSpot's frequent changes, leading to faster project turnarounds and cost savings for clients.

13. Demand for Good HubSpot Developers

Good HubSpot devs are in high demand due to their unique blend of technical and marketing expertise, and their ability to maximize the ROI on HubSpot investments.

16. Tech HubSpot Skills

HubSpot developers should be proficient in using HubSpot CMS for website development, including creating landing pages and blogs, and optimizing for SEO. This includes following HubSpot CMS guidelines and best practices to build secure, scalable, and efficient websites. Additionally, ensure they have:

  • HubL Proficiency:
    HubSpot's templating language, HubL, is essential for creating and customizing website themes, email templates, and other content within the HubSpot CMS. A proficient developer should be able to use HubL to access and manipulate data from HubDB, HubSpot CRM, and other sources to create dynamic, personalized content.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:
    These are the staples of web development. A HubSpot developer must have a solid understanding of these languages to build, modify, and enhance web pages within the HubSpot ecosystem.
  • API Integration Skills:
    The ability to extend the HubSpot platform and integrate it with other web applications using HubSpot APIs is crucial. This includes developing custom integrations and building custom HubSpot apps to connect platforms not available on the HubSpot App Marketplace.
  • Understanding of the HubSpot Ecosystem:
    A comprehensive understanding of the HubSpot ecosystem, including its CMS, CRM, and marketing tools, is vital. This knowledge allows developers to leverage the full range of HubSpot features and functionalities to meet project requirements.
  • Performance Optimization:
    Knowledge of techniques to improve website performance, including speed optimization, is important for providing a seamless user experience and improving search engine rankings.
  • Security Best Practices:
    Awareness of web security best practices to protect websites from vulnerabilities and ensure the safe handling of user data.
  • Adaptability to New Technologies:
    Given the fast-paced nature of web development and frequent updates to the HubSpot platform, a developer must be adaptable and committed to continuous learning.

17. Why HubBase?

Schedule a free consultation or request a free HubSpot website assessment. Meet with our HubSpot developers, and you'll see why our customers love us

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