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Services Provided:

- Web Design

- HubSpot Development


The Challenge

Office1 wanted to add a geo-targetted section to their website. They needed to ensure the new addition and closely followed their brand guidelines. And, most importantly, they needed to be user-friendly and SEO-optimized.

The Solution

About a dozen geo-targeted pages that effectively introduced Office1 to new customers.

The Result

SEO-optimized and easy-to-navigate pages that still felt true to Office1’s DNA.


Launched in 1982, Office1 is a Las Vegas IT managed service provider. They work to digitally transform business’ operations, which makes them more proactive, eco-friendly, and efficient. They provide network security, disaster recovery, data backup, a centrally managed virus protection, and more.


Bailey Rogers, Director of Marketing

San Diego-based marketing guru, Bailey refers to himself as the ‘Dot Connector.’ He has been leading all marketing efforts at Office1 for over 6 years.

How It Started

Office1 tasked HubBase with building out a section for the website — which had to follow Office1’s existing brand guidelines and be SEO-optimized. As Bailey Rogers, Director of Marketing for Office1, explained: “It wasn’t a small project, and I didn’t understand the full scope of the project when I connected with HubBase.” However, with the help of our skilled marketers and developers, we broke down the project, and put together a plan tailored to Office1’s requirements.

HubBase prioritizes practical and useful design. Whenever we build anything for a client, we provide our clients with several design options that we modify to incorporate client feedback until the client is 100% satisfied.

They gave provided me with several design options and each mockup was creative in its own way. Every option made sense. Sometimes designers can be really left-field and esoteric, but this was all practical. And it was a good design, and then we kept tweaking it until we got to the final version. HubBase’s graphic designer brought it to life.


HubBase has expertise in helping companies create a visual look from scratch, but we can also elevate your already existing aesthetic. That was the case for Office1, a company that launched about 40 years ago. “They reworked a concept that already existed and looked at it from a whole new lens,” Bailey says. “They really knocked it out of the park.”

Communication and Transparency

HubBase aims to be responsive and transparent throughout the entire web design and development process. In was an important factor for Bailey. “Creating something is a constant process of feedback and adjustment,” Bailey says. “It helps that HubBase developers were always available via the Slack channel. I’m not afraid to throw something at HubBase. I know they will respond fast and deliver.”

Creating something is a constant process of feedback and adjustment, It helps that HubBase developers were always available via the Slack channel. I’m not afraid to throw something at HubBase. I know they will respond fast and deliver.


Expert Feedback

We know what elements will set you up for success, so as we work on your project, we provide feedback.

“My requests do not come unchecked, which is healthy,” Bailey says. “For example, HubBase will say, ‘This may be a better solution . . .’ And, ‘This may look better.’ So you’re getting a very consulted rapport going. There were times when HubBase said, ‘OK, doing this means you’ll need one more template for this.’ Their team is very knowledgeable.”

“During this project, there were a lot of pivots,” Bailey says. “They handled it and adjusted necessarily every single time.”

Final Thoughts

“I like the way they work,” Bailey says. “They offer clean design, and they are organized. This is why I worked with them on multiple projects.”

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