Umair Khokhar
By:  Umair Khokhar

Published: September 24, 2020


Last Updated: April 16, 2024

9 Reasons to Host Websites on HubSpot CMS
9 Reasons to Host Websites on HubSpot CMS

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With tens of thousands of websites created using it, there’s no arguing that HubSpot CMS Hub is one of the most popular options for website hosting. This is not just a short-lived trend that’ll quickly die off when the next new platform comes along. HubSpot is, has been, and will continue to be a leader in its field. Therefore, there’s good reason to host your website on HubSpot CMS.

9 Benefits of Hosting Your Website on CMS Hub

Designing your website with HubSpot gives you several advantages. We’ll cover nine of the most impressive.

1. Ease-of-Use

Setting up a website is often viewed as a complex, intimidating process. Yet, it’s exactly the opposite with HubSpot!

There are a number of attractive pre-made templates that make it easy to set up and add content to your site. Not to mention that you can easily make edits with the drag-and-drop feature without the need for coding or worries about site-wide consistency.

Yet, CMS Hub is also flexible enough that if you want to customize your website, you can enlist the help of a developer to create a custom website design unique to your brand.

2. Automatic Responsiveness

Given that a high percentage of people surf the web on mobile devices nowadays, responsiveness is essential. Your website needs to look good and perform well no matter what kind of device it’s viewed on. Otherwise, you’ll encounter challenges such as high bounce rates, lost sales, and even negative word-of-mouth.

Thankfully, all websites designed using HubSpot are responsive and user-friendly by default. That means you can get your site live faster and make updates without having to worry much about how they’ll appear across devices.

3. Lightning-Fast Speed

Users in 2020 have very little patience for slow websites. In fact, many studies indicate that they’ll wait only a few seconds for websites to load before moving on elsewhere.

Speed is key. So it’s a major benefit that HubSpot websites are fast, even in the face of high-traffic volumes.

4. Secure & Reliable

Besides speed, security is also a major concern. To address it, CMS Hub boasts 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection, which includes both automated and manual security checks. HubSpot also provides a standard SSL certificate, which can earn you the favor of Google and the trust of website visitors.

5. Plentiful Personalization Options

Since the HubSpot CMS integrates with the company’s CRM, you can easily add personalization tokens such as a user’s name or other details on your web pages. You can also allow site visitors to view content in their preferred language.

And these are just a couple of examples of the personalization options available. What’s the benefit of using them, though?

You can make a greater impression on users, nurture your relationships with them, and more easily guide them towards conversion.

6. Convenient Blogging Capabilities

Blogging can be an effective way to reach content marketing goals. This is especially true of HubSpot blogs, which are linked to your HubSpot site and any landing pages you build.

The bonus is that you’ll have access to built-in tools so that your blog posts are optimized for mobile devices, search engines, and social media.

7. Countless Integration Options

More than likely, you use several tools in the course of running your business. These might include applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Shopify.

To boost your efficiency, save time, and reduce the risk of information slipping through the cracks, HubSpot offers hundreds of integration options. You can even have custom integrations built to suit your needs.

8. Conversion-Oriented

Many of the benefits we’ve discussed including mobile-friendliness contribute to increased conversion rates. Yet, CMS Hub gives you even more of an advantage with additional tools and features for lead generation, engagement, and sales.

9. Advanced Analytics Available

Analytics are the lens through which you should make decisions that will affect your conversion rates. Therefore, it’s important to have as much relevant data as possible.

With a HubSpot site, you’ll be able to see the results of A/B tests, the performance of individual pages, the effectiveness of your calls-to-action, and more.

Will You Opt For HubSpot CMS Hub?

As you saw, there are many compelling reasons to choose HubSpot CMS Hub. However, they all come down to three things: Flexibility, efficiency, and performance. If you want a website that ticks all three boxes and will contribute to the achievement of your business goals, this is the way to go. To explore your options for HubSpot website design, reach out to our team for a chat!