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Examples of Integration Workflow Triggers and Actions

New Chat Started

Triggered when a new chat conversation is initiated on your website, allowing for immediate follow-up or automated actions in HubSpot.

Chat Transcript Logged

Automatically logs chat transcripts into HubSpot, ensuring all interactions are captured for future reference or analysis.

Chat Rating Submitted

Triggered when a user submits a rating or feedback for a chat session, enabling tracking and analysis of chat performance and customer satisfaction in HubSpot.

Chat Closed

Activated when a chat session is closed by either the user or the agent, enabling automatic logging and follow-up tasks in HubSpot based on chat outcomes.

User Email Captured in Chat

Triggered when a user provides their email address during a chat session, enabling automatic creation or updating of contact records in HubSpot with the provided email.

New Chat Message Received

Activated when a new chat message is received during an ongoing chat session, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of chat interactions in HubSpot.

Chat Tagged with Specific Label

Triggered when a chat session is tagged with a specific label by the agent, enabling customized workflows or notifications in HubSpot based on chat categorization.

Chat Department Changed

Activated when a chat session is transferred to a different department or agent, enabling automatic updating of contact records and follow-up tasks in HubSpot.

Chat Transcript Emailed

Triggered when a chat transcript is emailed to the user or a specified email address, enabling tracking and analysis of chat interactions and outcomes in HubSpot.

New Visitor Initiated Chat

Activated when a new visitor initiates a chat session on your WordPress site, enabling automatic creation or updating of contact records in HubSpot for new leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The integration improves customer engagement by providing real-time support and assistance directly from your website using HubSpot's Live Chat feature, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.
Yes, you can engage website visitors with personalized messages and assistance based on their browsing behavior and interaction history stored in HubSpot CRM, enabling targeted communication and support.
The integration benefits lead generation and management by capturing leads directly from live chat conversations and automatically syncing them with HubSpot CRM for streamlined lead management, follow-up, and nurturing.
Actions such as lead capture, chat transcript logging, lead qualification, contact synchronization, ticket creation, chat rating tracking, deal creation, appointment scheduling, and chatbot handoff initiation can be triggered between HubSpot Live Chat and CRM for comprehensive customer engagement and support.
Absolutely! You can track and manage customer interactions, chat transcripts, support tickets, chat ratings, deal progressions, and appointment schedules within HubSpot CRM using live chat integration, ensuring centralized customer relationship management and service excellence.
Yes, you can use live chat integration with HubSpot CRM for various use cases such as lead generation, sales inquiries, customer support, issue resolution, appointment scheduling, product demos, and feedback collection for improved customer experience and business growth.
Sales and marketing teams can benefit from real-time lead capture, personalized interactions, and seamless lead management through live chat integration with HubSpot.
By facilitating seamless communication and data sharing between live chat system and HubSpot CRM, the integration supports cross-functional collaboration and communication within teams, enabling coordinated efforts and efficient customer support delivery.
Yes, HubSpot provides analytics and reporting tools to track chat performance, visitor engagement, and other relevant metrics, helping you optimize your live chat strategy.
By capturing leads directly through live chat interactions and seamlessly syncing them with HubSpot CRM, the integration helps fuel sales pipeline growth and conversion rates.