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Examples of Integration Workflow Triggers and Actions

New Contact Shared

This trigger activates when a new contact is shared using Popl, adding the contact automatically to HubSpot CRM.

Contact Information Updated

Activated when a contact updates their information on Popl, automatically syncing the changes to the contact’s record in HubSpot.

New Tag Added to Contact

This trigger occurs when a new tag is added to a contact in Popl, updating the corresponding record in HubSpot to facilitate segmented marketing efforts.

Lead Status Updated

Triggered when a contact’s status is updated in Popl (e.g., from lead to qualified), enabling targeted follow-up strategies in HubSpot.

Contact Engaged at Event

Activated when a contact interacts with your Popl at a specific event, triggering tailored event follow-up workflows in HubSpot.

Meeting Scheduled via Popl

This trigger fires when a meeting is scheduled through a Popl interaction, syncing the appointment details with the HubSpot calendar.

Contact Opted-In for Communication

Triggered when a contact opts in for communication through Popl, enabling compliance with communication preferences in HubSpot.

Lead Assigned to Sales Rep

Activated when a lead captured through Popl is assigned to a sales representative in HubSpot, ensuring efficient lead management.

Note Added to Contact in Popl

This trigger occurs when a note is added to a contact in Popl, syncing it to the corresponding contact record in HubSpot for detailed context.

Contact Participation in Campaign

Triggered when a contact captured via Popl participates in a specific HubSpot marketing campaign, enhancing campaign tracking and engagement metrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By automatically syncing contact data from Popl digital business cards into HubSpot CRM, the integration eliminates manual data entry and ensures accurate contact management.
Yes, Popl’s technology makes it easy to capture leads instantly at events, with all data directly synced to HubSpot for rapid follow-up and engagement.
Set up automated workflows in HubSpot to send personalized follow-up communications to new contacts based on the interaction data from Popl.
Absolutely, any updates to contact information on Popl are automatically reflected in HubSpot, keeping your CRM data up-to-date.
Contacts engaged at events via Popl can trigger specific follow-up workflows in HubSpot, ensuring personalized and relevant post-event communication.
Meetings scheduled through Popl are automatically added to your HubSpot calendar, allowing for seamless scheduling and reminder setups.
Yes, Popl’s opt-in feature for communications syncs with HubSpot to respect and manage individual contact preferences legally and efficiently.
Leads captured through Popl can be automatically assigned to the appropriate sales representative in HubSpot, streamlining the lead management process.
Yes, any notes added to a contact in Popl are synced with HubSpot, providing richer insights and context for each contact.
The integration allows you to monitor and analyze the participation of Popl-acquired contacts in specific HubSpot campaigns, enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.