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Examples of Integration Workflow Triggers and Actions

New Tweet Mentioning Account

Triggered when a tweet mentions the connected Twitter account. HubSpot actions may include lead creation or social media engagement tracking.

New Follower Acquired

Activated when a new follower is acquired on Twitter. Useful for updating contact records and initiating welcome workflows.

Tweet Liked/Retweeted

This trigger occurs when a tweet from the connected account is liked or retweeted. HubSpot actions may include engagement tracking and lead scoring.

New Direct Message Received

Activated when a new direct message is received on Twitter. HubSpot actions can include logging messages and initiating follow-ups.

Tweet Contains Specific Hashtag

Triggered when a tweet contains a specific hashtag. HubSpot actions may include lead creation or triggering targeted campaigns.

User Mentioned in Tweet

This trigger activates when a user is mentioned in a tweet. HubSpot actions can include updating contact records and initiating engagement workflows.

Tweet Deleted on Twitter

Activated when a tweet is deleted on Twitter. HubSpot actions may include updating records or sending notifications.

New Twitter List Created

This trigger occurs when a new Twitter list is created. HubSpot actions may include updating contact properties or triggering workflows.

Profile Updated on Twitter

Activated when there are updates to the connected Twitter profile. HubSpot actions may include updating contact records or triggering notifications.

Tweet with Link Posted

Triggered when a tweet with a specific link is posted. HubSpot actions may include tracking link clicks or triggering relevant workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The integration allows for efficient capture and management of leads from Twitter directly within the HubSpot environment.
Yes, real-time updates on Twitter mentions can be integrated into HubSpot, providing a unified view of social media interactions.
HubSpot workflows can be triggered based on various Twitter interactions, automating social media campaigns and follow-up actions.
Absolutely. HubSpot can track and score leads based on Twitter engagement, including likes, retweets, and mentions.
Yes, direct messages received on Twitter can be captured and logged in HubSpot, facilitating communication tracking.
The integration can trigger actions in HubSpot based on tweets containing specific hashtags, enabling targeted lead creation or campaign triggers.
HubSpot actions can be triggered, such as updating records or sending notifications, when a tweet is deleted on Twitter.
Yes, HubSpot can respond to updates in the connected Twitter profile, updating contact records or triggering specific actions.
HubSpot can track Twitter lists created, allowing for updates to contact properties or triggering workflows based on list creation.
Yes, the integration can track and analyze links posted in tweets, providing insights into link clicks and enabling relevant workflows.