The Top Five Reasons Content Marketers Should Use HubSpot

Published: November 15, 2018

For a content marketer, creating your content is only part of the equation. You need to make sure that it’s optimized, posted and then that you have a way to track leads and monitor the progress of potential leads. In the past, this would have meant having to move between several different platforms.

HubSpot changed all of that. It’s an automated marketing platform that allows you to create and optimize your content, monitor leads and nurture them, and follow those leads all along the client journey.

HubSpot is considered the top marketing software on the market. Should you be using it? Definitely, and in this post, we’ll give you the top five reasons why.

Reason 1: It’s Hands-Down the Best When it Comes to Inbound Strategy

Designed by two recognized thought leaders in the inbound marketing arena, this marketing platform was created to make the process as simple as possible for marketers. You get all the tools you need to make your inbound marketing plan a success.

It’s the analytic and tracking tools that make HubSpot invaluable. You can track your buyer each step of the way and tailor your approach based on where they are in their decision-making process.

Reason 2: You See the Whole Buyer’s Journey

That means that you get to monitor them from the very first time they click through to your content or site. You’ll know exactly where the lead came from – whether it was through organic traffic or paid traffic.

You’ll be able to see what pages they’ve looked at, whether it’s their first visit or not, etc. This allows you to more accurately determine their interest levels and choose the perfect moment to start actively pursuing the sale and contact them.

This tracking also has another very important function – it keeps all the details up to date. Let’s say that someone visits your site and opts to subscribe to your newsletter so he or she gets a free e-book. The software will automatically record any information the client provides.

If they come back in at a later stage, and record more information, like their phone number, their profile is updated yet again. You always have the most up to date information possible.

Reason 3: Really Easy to Use

There are some great software programs out there that are really difficult to master without some kind of training. The HubSpot designers set out to create software that is basically plug and play. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or computer geek to figure out how things work. It’s all laid out simply on your dashboard and everything is clearly marked. So, you can get going straight out of the box.

Having said that, though, we should note that there are a lot of features here and it would pay to attend some training to get the most from the software.

Reason 4: Social Media Integration

There are many different tools on the market that allow you to schedule posts to social media. Tools like Hootsuite, for example, work really well. There’s just one issue that we have with them – you have to use them separately.

Now, while it doesn’t take long to click out of one program and into the next, if you’re going to be doing this on a regular basis, it can waste a fair amount of time.

With HubSpot, you integrate all of your social media accounts. So, it really is a one-stop solution. Sign in, create your content and post it. Then, from the same platform, create and schedule your social media posts as well.

Reason 5: There is no More Thorough Automation Software

In the bad old days, when you wanted to make contact with someone who had signed up at your site, you had to type an email and send it out. Which was fine if it was just two or three people a day. When it comes to hundreds, though, that’s just too much effort.

With HubSpot, you can automate the emails that are sent out when a client performs a particular task. So, when they download content, for example, they’ll get an email. When they abandon their cart, they’ll get an email. You get the picture. All you have to do is create one template and tell the software what the triggers are.

This can further be used to nurture leads where people have not yet followed through and bought from you. You can automate the whole lead nurturing process and so make sure that not one client slips through the cracks. Then, when the time is right, you can contact them in person.

HubSpot also has a feature called Workflows that can be used to help manage your team effort. You can set up a workflow so that your client is emailed after each specific action. You can also set up a trigger to your sales team in the same workflow when your client reaches what you deem optimal buying readiness.

But it’s not just with new leads that this can help, it can also be used with existing clients. Let’s say that Joe Smith bought a month’s worth of vitamin B capsules. You can set up the system to email him when that month is almost over to find out if he’d like a refill.

Why not send him an interactive email that allows him to click through to exactly what he ordered the last time, and also recommend some supporting products as well?

Or maybe you just want to run a new campaign for existing clients to promote a new line. With this software, you can easily segment your list so that you can promote the products to those most likely to want them.

You’ll be able to create a highly targeted email that is aimed directly at that group. You’ll send fewer emails out, but that’s actually a good thing because those getting the emails are more likely to be interested. And you’re not annoying the rest of your subscribers who’d have no interest at all.

There you have it, the top five reasons for content marketers to use HubSpot. Check it out for yourself – the items that we have selected here are only the tip of the iceberg!

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