Improve your rank with better Q&A search

Published: August 27, 2019

Improve your rank with better Q&A search

People looking for something like your product or service but not having an exact idea or a name will type a question in the search engine and click the search button. The links that are displayed at the top of the search result list have the highest chance of getting clicked, and about three-quarters of people will never even scroll further down the list.

Taking the first couple of spots on the search results list in a search engine search results is what every site is fighting for. This is where most of the traffic on your website, and almost any website for that matter, comes from.

Are you wondering how to rank high on this list? The answer is SEO. Since SEO is such a vast term and it requires a lot of attention, here I’ll address only a single aspect of SEO that can have a significant influence on the improvement of your rank. Yes, we are talking about Q&A.

Questions are important, answers are more important

Ever since Google expanded the rich results for Q&A pages in late 2018, having a proper Q&A section/page on any website became an important part of SEO, as it allows the better ranking in the search engine results.

Google’s rich result type for Q&A pages is now completely implemented and applicable for all websites out there. To use this to your advantage you will need to follow the guidelines explained below. Also, by correctly implementing structured data in your website you significantly increase the chances of attracting visitors to your website and driving traffic your way.

  • Add a Q&A page to your website

People are always looking for something online, and they are doing this by typing in questions in the search box on Google, or any other search engine of their choice. To be eligible to be shown on the rich results page, your Q&A page will need to contain data in a question format followed by the answer. Also, the answers can be provided by users, and also can hold alternative answers.

This is quite simple:

  • One question? - One answer

It is this format that will get displayed on the SERPs. These pages will need to be properly marked up and structured. Make sure that this page is properly marked with a QAPage markup, so the search engine will know to display it in the results.

  • Join Q&A sites

Sites like Quora has attained a very large following due to its simple premise: people ask questions and other people provide answers. The three most famous ones are Quora, WikiHow and Yahoo!Answers and anyone can freely join these sites and contribute to them.

You can use these to your advantage and at the same time help the persons asking the questions. By providing an answer to a question related to your business, product or service, you can also insert a relevant link from your website related to the topic in question.

This way you are helping someone with a correct answer and you are giving them further info and get attention to your website. When someone types that particular or a similar question into the search engine, the results will display your answer. If anyone reads your answer, and if it is good, they surely will, many are going to click on your link, which will drive traffic to your website.

You should remember that any promotion of your website on sites like these will be deemed as spam, so avoid putting links from your website to all the answers you contribute. Restrict only to relevant topics and use only the most appropriate links. This way, when someone types the question in the search box, they will get the most appropriate, most helpful answer, which should be yours, along with your link.

  • Q&A is not the same as FAQ

An FAQ page does not fall under this qualification, as FAQ pages usually contain multiple questions and answers, which are not eligible for a QAPage markup and display. Instead, for such a page you will need to use the FAQPage markup.

FAQ pages are crawled by the search engines and the answers are displayed when the relevant topic is searched but are different in the way of display. These are usually not displayed when a single question is asked and a carousel with possible answers is provided by the search engine.

What we learned

Optimizing your website to get the highest possible ranking in the search engine result pages is very, very important. There are many aspects you need to consider, and incorporating a Q&A page on your website is only one of them.

Also, you can use the opportunity to provide answers to questions relevant to your website’s niche on sites like Quora and WikiHow and use that opportunity to promote some links from your website but use this tastefully and moderately.

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