Why do Marketing Agencies need to Partner with HubSpot/Web Development Agencies?

Published: August 27, 2019

Why do Marketing Agencies need to Partner with HubSpot/Web Development Agencies?

As everything happens online these days, it is essential for a business’ success to have a specialist digital marketing agency that knows the right approach that needs to be taken at the right time and for the greatest impact on people and attracting potential leads.

Most digital marketing agencies today have professional teams of marketing agents and other wizards that can imagine a kick-ass campaign or create a killer email campaign. But not many of these employ wizards in other important areas, say web development or HubSpot development, and usually, they have to rely on part-time individuals that can lack consistency or even essential knowledge.

This is where professional HubSpot agencies and web development agencies come in real handy. Someone like us, because our team actually consists of highly skilled individuals that complement each other and work together to achieve the ultimate client satisfaction in creating a website with HubSpot software and even integrate it with an already existing site.

Why add a partner?

A classic marketing agency works on branding and design, works with events planning, media planning, product packaging, search marketing, and works on social media marketing. But there are full-service marketing agencies that are equipped to handle every, and I mean every aspect of a startup, from branding, development of marketing campaigns, to managing the complete web presence and online marketing campaigns.

All this is nice and good, but you surely know all the struggles a marketing agency faces in order to achieve the best possible service for its clients. Here are the main points that will most definitely improve when a marketing agency partners up with a HubSpot/Web Development agency.

Improved overall service for the client

The professional services of a marketing agency are important, but what is more important is utilizing every possible channel for reaching more potential leads. Enter HubSpot. A HubSpot website helps automate many tedious tasks, track emails and alerts, nurture leads and more and does this in a comprehensive software where everything is easily observable.

With the HubSpot services at your disposal, your marketing agency gets a perfect all-in-one software for managing inbound marketing campaigns, improving the growth of the client’s business and providing excellent support for your clients. This, in turn, means that your agency will also grow, as a satisfied client is a precursor to more work that will lead to more revenue and more satisfied clients, and so on.

No need to educate people in HubSpot development

Seeing as a marketing agency already has a pretty good load of business on their hands in creating and developing a startup/business brand, and imagining and developing marketing campaigns, what they don’t need is to look for a new employee that will work on HubSpot development or web development.

By hiring a professional HubSpot development agency, what you get is an already established team of experts that know their business and can jump right in the thick of things. A HubSpot agency will immediately help put in action the awesome marketing campaign the digital marketing agency has created.

HubSpot is not as difficult to comprehend, but it takes time to learn all the ins and outs that are important, not to mention the time it takes to become a certified HubSpot partner. This is a reason plus to hire a professional HubSpot agency to do the HubSpot development, leaving your agents free to work on the marketing side of things.

Once the HubSpot agency does its magic and creates the HubSpot website, they will educate you and your clients in using and managing the site, while the developer’s agency will step in the back and be available for service, support, and advice. Also, many of the HubSpot/web development agencies work on retainer, so you can get their services whenever you need them.

No need to employ web developers on staff

A startup or a small business with a good product/service, but without a firmly established web presence will need to improve this. Since for many people this falls under the marketing side of things, the clients will likely ask your digital marketing agency to fix this for them.

You may have one or two webmasters on staff who are responsible for maintaining your web presence and managing your established client’s accounts, so it would be unwise to take them from their daily responsibilities and make them develop sites for your new clients. Thus, hiring a web development agency that will help is the way to go.

All HubSpot development agencies have a professional team of web developers that know how to and can develop a website. Seeing that a marketing agency is all about the ROI – Return Of Investment, devoting your whole staff into this is the smart thing to do. Which brings us to the fact that it is indeed better to hire an outside professional web development agency that will handle the web development, while you focus on lead generation, SEO, and creating that amazing marketing campaign.

Referrals mean an increase in business

When cooperating with an outside agency that will help with managing parts of your business, like HubSpot and web development, it is inevitable for both teams to join efforts and to want to help each other. Just like you are bringing business to them, they will be inclined to bring business to you.

They will most likely refer you to their clients in need of a marketing agency, meaning an increase in business volume for you. We all know the usefulness of a word-of-mouth recommendation, and there is nothing better for a business than a good referral.

What you can take from this

Managing a digital marketing agency requires careful coordination between a creative team, marketing team, management team and a team of webmasters. But seeing as there is a lot more in creating an awesome digital marketing campaign, most times, there is a need to use the services of software like HubSpot.

While someone on your team may have some knowledge on creating a HubSpot website or integrating it with an already established site, it is usually best to leave it to the professionals. Yes, it means to hire an outside HubSpot development agency that will develop your client’s website in the HubSpot modules that you and your client can then utilize to its full potential.

Again, cooperating with an outside agency may mean like bad business to some, but it is actually a great way to use someone else’s expertise to your advantage. Plus, you get a partner that will bring in more business to you, which is a win-win for both sides.

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