SEO and you – how to use SEO to your benefit

Published: August 27, 2019

SEO and you – how to use SEO to your benefit

When someone goes online to search for something, unless they know the exact link or have a bookmark, they are going to use a search engine to locate their object. The way a search is conducted, it involves a lot of sophisticated algorithms to display the results. Most often, people will only click on the first couple of links that are displayed on the search results and discard the rest.

The question is how to put your web page’s link among the top displays? The best thing you can do in order for your webpage to get displayed at the top of the list is installing a killer SEO optimization technique.

I can bother you with boring definitions of what SEO is, but I’m not going to do that. What I’m going to do is cut to the chase and tell you the most important aspects of SEO and how any startup or business should use this powerful tool to their advantage.

SEO basics

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to any website by increasing the visibility of the website through the organic results of a search engine. Okay, that was a definition, but no more of those. Next up is the practical application of SEO and what it can do for a startup or even an established business.

Why SEO?

Seeing as a startup or a small business is always struggling at the beginnings, there are a lot of things to consider and even more things to keep track of, some aspects may fall between the cracks and your business will certainly suffer. One example is adequate marketing and online presence.

By adequately using SEO, you help your potential clients find you more easily, and you significantly increase the chances of attracting new clientele. An important thing for any business, particularly if you are depending on online customers, is key to success.

Good SEO is not something to be done once and your business will be all set. Instead, this is a continuous operation, requiring maintenance, fine-tuning and regular updating. Below I dig deeper into the correct SEO tactics that a startup or a small business needs to implement in order to improve their online presence and have a better website.

SEO tactics that show results

The SEO process is continuous and requires a lot of attention in order to give results. There are many aspects of SEO that need to be considered and a lot of optimizations and even promotions that can show good results. Keep reading to learn more about this.

  • Improving the complete user experience

To attract people to your website, you will need to offer them something they would like to see and experience. All people most certainly enjoy visiting a well-designed site with tastefully organized content, and most people stay away from tacky websites.

  • Tip: when designing a site, avoid flashy pop-ups and bold graphics. Instead go for a more subtle, more impactful design.

Another important factor in SEO optimization is the site loading speed. A site that takes forever to load is not going to be as indexed by the search engine as a fast-loading site. Also, people will lose attention towards a site that takes a long time to load, meaning they spend less time there, and will not recommend the site to their friends.

  • Tip: regularly check the site speed and work on improving it.
  • Optimize content

The content displayed on your site should be all about the user. Well, not “about” the user, but actually optimized to the most common searches people conduct in relation to your business. Optimizing the title tags for SEO is important, as this is the basis on which the search engines display their results.

  • Tip: use content that users are most likely to search for related to your business.

Placing strategic phrases on important pages has a significant role, as does the creation of meta description tags. Even though Google does not use the meta or keyword tag anymore, this helps the direction of the search. Don’t be afraid to use longer phrases, as people can go wild with their searches. Whenever you are optimizing your site, you need to consider the people that are going to be searching for it and provide it for them.

  • Tip: Hire a professional writer that will capture the essence of your ideas and translate them into high-quality content.
  • Maintain and update regularly

In today’s digital age, if a website does not evolve, it is bound to fail. It will not fail in the traditional sense of the word, as it will still be operational, but it will start to show at the bottom of the search results and will certainly fall way back behind the competition.

  • Tip: analyze keywords and phrases, and determine the best ones to use for your business.

To fix this, the website needs constant maintenance and updates. The maintenance is related to the addition and modification of existing keywords and displayed website content. Due to the changing nature of the Internet and the changing habits of the people using the Internet, the updating of the keywords is essential to keep your website in the game.

  • Tip: regularly check, change and add new keywords, to be in step with your competition.

Updating the content means to add a blog or a forum that will regularly offer fresh content that users will be interested in. Don’t do this just for the sake of it, instead go for topics that are popular and write in an engaging, fun way that will keep the visitors’ attention. No need to mention, but a blog is an excellent way to add more keywords and improve the chances of higher search engine results.

  • Tip: Look at the competition, see if they do something better, improve and adapt it for your website.

What to take from this?

SEO is very important for the website of any startup or any kind of business. But SEO does not just mean putting some keywords on the site and that is it. It is actually much more complex than this, as SEO is a whole process that involves optimization, modification, promotion, and a lot more.

If you don’t know how or want to deal with these issues, we have a team of professionals that are equipped and knowledgeable in many areas, one of these being SEO.

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