Why any startup should use a HubSpot consultant?


Why content marketing?

Why any startup should use a HubSpot consultant?

Any startup faces a ton of issues at the beginning of their path. Things like budget, planning, staffing, marketing and more. Many times, investors will need more solid proof that the startup is having a promising future before they make a commitment to inveeest in them. This is all dependant on the products/services the startup offers, and the strategies they have undertaken to reach potential customers.

Content marketing is a specialized form of marketing where the primary idea is not to generate direct sales, but instead, create brand awareness, increase brand credibility, expand the customer base and attract attention towards the brand/product/service.

Keep reading on and learn how using the HubSpot platform and employing the services of a professional HubSpot consultant can really make a difference in any startup’s business.

HubSpot basics

HubSpot is a professional software that provides tools for inbound marketing and automation. The platform offers tools, support, and education for businesses and helps them easily deal with the marketing side of things.

Using this kind of marketing allows the startups to invest in a marketing strategy that pays off, and not waste money they don’t have on outbound marketing strategies like PPC, paid advertising, or other more time and money-consuming strategies. Here I’ll explain what the basic benefits of HubSpot are, and why any startup needs to hire the services of a professional HubSpot consultant to get the most of these for their buck.

HubSpot benefits

  • Inbound Marketing

the HubSpot platform deals with inbound marketing, which has become the fastest-growing, most effective form of marketing today. That being said, the best marketing strategy that any startup can employ is, of course, a great inbound marketing campaign. But this is not easily executable just by wishing for it. Instead, a startup will need to hire a professional HubSpot consultant in order to utilize all the benefits HubSpot brings.

  • Unmatched CRM

the CRM services HubSpot offers are great, and what is more important is that they are free. This means a lot for any startup that is running on a limited budget. Seeing at the CRM is an essential tool that can greatly improve customer relation, it comes naturally that any startup should use this to gain an advantage over its competition. Still, no matter how simple these are, there is always some “catch” that you can miss and your business will suffer. That is why it is smart to use a HubSpot consultant that will work with you in creating a good customer relationship and teach you how to effectively manage your customer base.

  • Market Automation

the software HubSpot brings is also offering marketing automation, which is a relatively new tool that is used by plenty of businesses and with great results. The marketing automation enables you to send messages and emails on time and to the right recipients, while at the same time follow each step of the advertising funnel and execute a perfect inbound marketing campaign. The platform offers education and training on this and you can try doing this by yourself.

Why use professional HubSpot consultant services?

Seeing as a startup founder, you have a lot on your plate; learning new software at this stage of your professional career a waste of your time. The HubSpot platform is actually very sophisticated software that requires a lot of learning and experience to master.

So the smart approach would be to hire a professional consultant that knows all about the services HubSpot offers and one that can advise you on the best strategy for your company. Don’t think of the money you need to pay them as an expense; instead, this should be considered as an investment, because the benefits a properly executed inbound marketing campaign can bring to a company are most definitely worth every penny.

The HubSpot consultants undergo a training course provided by HubSpot and they need to pass a series of tests in order to get their certificate and HubSpot license. Anyone that will finish the training is equipped with knowledge on all the tools HubSpot offers and knows how to handle any possible problem/issue that may arise.

Also, a professional HubSpot consultant knows how to properly integrate the HubSpot platform with other platforms and services, like, say WordPress, Salesforce or the like. They likely know how to fix that troubling widget and create a personalized email campaign template that will be beautiful, useful and impactful.

So, if you are a startup founder or you have a small business that will benefit from the HubSpot services, don’t hesitate anymore, but go to a professional that will help things happen for your business and you will see the benefits from the use of the HubSpot platform within a reasonable timeframe.

What we’ve learned

The HubSpot platform is an excellent tool for every startup, as it offers almost unmatched services in the field of inbound marketing, as they have actually coined this term. That being said, there are many things that you can’t do by yourself, even with all the possibilities HubSpot offers. That is why hiring a HubSpot professional is the correct way to go, as they can help you with all the big and small inbound marketing issues, while you can stay focused on developing your product/service and developing your brand.

If you have any questions/issues or want a consultation, please ask our team of HubSpot professional consultants, as we are equipped with the knowledge that will help you raise your business off the ground.