Val Stepanova
Val Stepanova

Published: February 10, 2020

Why use HubSpot as the CMS of choice?

7 Reasons We Build Websites With HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the web for a reason— seven reasons, to be exact. Today, we’re breaking down the top reasons that we choose to use HubSpot when building a new website.

1. HubSpot Is Easy to Use

First and foremost, working in HubSpot is easy. When building a website from scratch (and even when building off of a framework), the early stages of development are often the most time-consuming. With HubSpot, however, everything needed to create a great website is already there.

This allows us the freedom to focus on the finer details of your website. Elements like the user interface, stylistic choices, and creative features can all be implemented better and faster thanks to HubSpot handling large portions of the heavy lifting.

HubSpot’s ease-of-use benefits our clients as well. HubSpot is easier to understand and work with than a traditionally-built website, which pulls back the curtain of mystery for our customers. It’s simpler for us and simpler for you.

2. Everything Is Integrated

A fine line that HubSpot walks is keeping its various site elements modular and connected at the same time. Having a modular design (i.e., features can be added, removed, and modified without affecting one another) where every element still feels seamlessly connected is a challenge.

Because HubSpot has already achieved this, it’s a challenge that our clients don’t have to face. Every feature of HubSpot is built to work together, creating simple, instant integration. As soon as a customer fills out a form or signs up for a service, HubSpot begins funneling those requests through the rest of its system, provfiding our clients and their customers with immediate feedback.

HubSpot is also capable of integrating with other services from around the web, like Zapier, WordPress, and Magneto. This makes it super flexible for our clients that are already using (or want to start using) other web services with their website.

3. The HubSpot Marketplace Is Full Of Great Templates

Lastly, HubSpot has a Marketplace filled to the brim with creative templates for developers and clients to choose from. On the developer end, these templates provide a quick and easy way to incorporate key elements and layouts into a HubSpot website, expediting the development timeline.

For clients, the Marketplace is a great place for visualizing a website. Clients often feel left out of the web development process as so much of it, especially early on, involves coding, testing, and debugging. The Marketplace brings these areas to life in simple, customizable templates that clients can mix and match according to their specific needs.

4. HubSpot Is a Philosophy

HubSpot stands apart from its competitors as an exceptional brand because its philosophy extends far above the bottom line. Every aspect of its product is above the industry standard, creating quality and simplicity that we value.

One of the ways that HubSpot achieves such high-quality products is through their belief in a Content Optimization System, or COS. COS is a design principle that personalizes every user’s experience. With HubSpot, you can tailor your customers’ experiences based on their age, preferences, transaction history, and more. No two customers will experience your website the same way.

We believe HubSpot provides our clients with an end product that goes far beyond the rest of the industry. HubSpot combines marketing, design, and web management in a way that’s yet to be beat.

5. It Offers Out-Of-The-Box Security

One of the most important aspects of any modern website is its security features. Today’s websites are targeted by fraudsters more than ever before, especially websites that gather personal details from their customers, like eCommerce and booking sites.

Due to the difficulty of securing a website, however, websites often only use the bare minimum security measures to protect their data. This has resulted in a continuing rise in digital fraud. Fraudsters’ methods are becoming more sophisticated, and most websites do little to keep up.

When building a website with HubSpot, the situation is the exact opposite. Because HubSpot is only building the foundational tools for the website while our developers handle the rest, HubSpot is able to invest resources back into their security constantly. The result is a platform that’s always adapting to the latest security threats.

6. Websites Built with HubSpot Are Extremely Scalable

Another key challenge of building a website, especially for growing businesses, is scalability. Few web development platforms or even traditional development teams are able to offer a website that will scale indefinitely with your business’ growth. At some point, certain foundational aspects of your website are going to have to be rewritten, and in extreme cases, a complete overhaul might be required in order to scale up your website.

Although these periodic redesigns and overhauls are standard in the web development industry, they create a lot of hassle for the website owner. They take up a significant amount of time, for one, and tack on hefty costs every few years. This makes periods of growth, which are challenging enough already, even more difficult.

HubSpot has managed to do something that platforms like WordPress still haven’t been able to, and that’s to create an extremely scalable CMS platform. Every aspect of a HubSpot website is modular and built for growth. This allows developers to easily and thoughtfully scale up the areas of your website that need it without having to start from scratch.

7. Custom Development Projects Are Simple

HubSpot recently launched its Local Development beta, which enables developers to use their preferred tools when developing with HubSpot rather than the default ones provided by the platform. This is incredibly valuable for developers as it shortens the learning curve required to work with HubSpot. It gives developers the ability to create templates, which makes it easier to quickly implement features and elements that HubSpot hasn’t pre-built.

Before HubSpot released the Local Development beta, developers were limited to frameworks like Bootstrap 2 and jQuery and couldn’t use common VCS systems like Git. Now developers have access to all of these things and more, making projects leaner, faster, and more personal.

Build Your Next Website With HubSpot

HubSpot has managed to bring together the best elements of web development tools and combined them in a business-centric, simply-designed platform that works great for developers and their clients. If you’re looking to build a new website or want to migrate an existing website to a CMS, consider making the switch to HubSpot.

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