Val Stepanova
Val Stepanova

Published: January 13, 2020

How much does it cost to build a website on HubSpot CMS?

A Startup’s Cost To Build and Host a Website on HubSpot CMS

Offering an engaging and competitive website should be one of your main priorities in order for your new venture to become a success. When you build a website, you should also be thinking about content engagement, SEO, marketing, CRM, app integration, and analytics. Enter HubSpot. It offers one of the most cost-effective methods to achieve all of these goals using a simple all-inclusive content management system (CMS). While you may have some web development skills, using HubSpot CMS does more than offer a design template and some placeholder text.

In a FinancesOnline article by Market Analyst and Senior Writer, Louie Andre, he states, “The advantages of content management software go beyond publishing. Using machine learning and advanced analytics, they can personalize web engagement, … to deliver double-digit returns to marketers. In essence, CMS today are becoming a marketing tool, sales channel and communication and collaboration platform, on top of acting as a centralized content storage.”

What To Expect With HubSpot CMS

When you make an investment in an all-inclusive content management system, you can cut back on engaging dedicated resources for each of your website needs: a web developer, graphics designer, and marketer. These roles are critical, but HubSpot CMS packages these requirements into a cost-effective model:

  1. Build and Publish – Choose from thousands of creative templates in the HubSpot Templates Marketplace, optimize your content for searches, and publish your site.
  2. Website Maintenance – For a dynamic website, you may need assistance from a HubSpot developer, but a basic website can be easily maintained, updated and republished.
  3. Marketing Strategy - Take advantage of a proven marketing strategy including ample resources for inbound marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), blogging, and lead-capturing forms.
  4. App / API Integration – Find the apps and application programming interface (API) integration you need in the HubSpot App Marketplace.
  5. Website Migration - Migrate an existing website with the help of HubSpot support or engage a HubSpot developer for more complex website migrations and custom third-party integrations.

HubSpot CMS Pricing

HubSpot CMS pricing is available for those who need more than a basic website. Keep in mind as to what this investment includes. You’ll recognize the costs saving in the all-inclusive HubSpot offer versus expensive one-off providers. You need a suite of website services to present your brand image, offer your products with ease, and continue with a long-term marketing strategy for success, in order to stay competitive.

Pricing Table

  • $300 / month
  • $1,000 onboarding fee
  • Under 20 pages free – with a free migration
  • 20 to 150 pages - $500 migration fee
  • About 1-month turnaround time

The HubSpot CRM Difference

The HubSpot CRM is used to integrate your sales, marketing plan, and teams for lead tracking. Real-time customer data is available on the fly and customer follow-ups are tracked, taking the guesswork out of your selling abilities. The system supports up to 1,000,000 contacts with ample storage and data tracking so you can grow your business.

Suite of Must-Have Tools

  • HubSpot CRM features – for managing your customers
  • Website, blog and landing pages - build responsive websites with ease
  • Templates marketplace - choose from our library of amazing prebuilt templates
  • Lead-capturing forms - embedded forms for tracking leads and contacts
  • Custom emails - easily create email campaigns for lead follow-up
  • Mobile optimization - build pages for mobile access on all devices
  • Personalized dynamic content - engage website audience with personalized content
  • SSL certificate - includes standard SSL certificate requirement
  • Website analytics - monitor website traffic, customer leads, and user engagement
  • SEO and content strategy – optimize content based on program strategy

Client Resources

  • Client Onboarding – learn how to get started on HubSpot
  • Customer Support – get the support you need, when you need it
  • Customer Stories – learn from other successful BlogSpot users
  • Developers – tap into the skillsets of our onsite web developers
  • eBooks, Guides, etc. – gain knowledge and skills on your own through ebooks, guides, and more
  • Free Courses and Certifications – take a course and improve your resume
  • Inbound Marketing – learn how Inbound marketing can work for you
  • Research and Reports – read up on what others have published for your own success

HubSpot for Startups is an excellent choice in that you have the option to build the site yourself or call on a web developer, and you receive all of the added features for a fraction of the cost. Let HubSpot be your guide as you prepare to take your business to the next level. Contact HubSpot today.

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