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Why Use HubSpot as Your CMS?


With over a decade of web development experience under our belts, we’ve come across a lot of different CMS systems over the years. We choose to build websites in HubSpot CMS (aka HubSpot COS) because it helps us attain our goal of being more efficient and providing more value to clients through state-of-the-art tools. HubSpot enables us to build highly scalable websites fast.

In the past, we built websites in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, and Joomla. But after listening to Dharmesh Shah’s (HubSpot’s CTO) presentation 7 years ago and having a conversation with him, it became apparent that his vision for providing enterprise-level features and supporting small businesses and startups was a game-changer. The HubSpot platform allows companies to build polished, user-friendly websites that are easy to manage. The CMS includes tools for creating personalized experiences and managing all content marketing needs in one place. HubSpot websites are also secure, scalable, and customizable. We find that HubSpot is light years ahead of other CMS platforms in what it offers growing businesses, and that’s why we’re proud to offer it as a solution.

How We Use HubSpot

Once HubSpot CMS became our platform of choice, we mastered the system inside and out. We use the HubSpot modular approach, which is a variant of component-based software engineering. This approach allows our client’s in-house teams to manage their websites with ease.

We also leverage HubSpot’s newly-released local development tools, which allow us to build HubSpot websites at a very competitive cost using the most advanced tools.

Finally, we follow Scrum methodology in order to deliver projects quickly and flexibly.


Tech We Use

HubL (HubSpot Markup Language) is a templating language or engine. It is not a server-side language like PHP. HuBL makes it possible to access the data without having to use a full-fledged language like PHP or Python.

In addition to HubL, we use HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery to develop lightweight and high performing websites. We use Webpack for building and Transpiling the website code. We use GitHub for website code version management and NodeJS for deployment. Finally, we use HubDB when building dynamic, database-driven websites.

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